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Party Games!

[Pinned] How to Host a Party Game: Please Read!

It's Time to Party!This new sub-forum will be our new gathering place for talking about party games. We have a number of exciting party games that we run at our weekly kin parties. I have now copied in instructional guides for how to run each of...
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Crafting and Trading

[Pinned] Equipment gallery

Post your pics of awesome-looking gear here. For showing off reference. Roz, can we make this thread sticky?
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Official Business

[Pinned] Officership in Concerning Hobbits

UPDATED 5/19/2014Know of a kinmate who you think would make a great officer? Interested in volunteering for the job? Send all officer nominations to Rozalinde via in-game mail or kinsite mail. Make sure you read the officer guidelines below. N...
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Screenshots and Media

[Pinned] READ FIRST--The Screenshot Gallery Forum

Post your screenshots and photographs in this forum!You'll notice that as of the writing of this post, we have exceeded 80% of our storage capacity for screenshots hosted on this site. We're about to bump up against the limit!Henceforth, screensh...
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Official Business

[Pinned] What is Concerning Hobbits? (General Info for Visitors and Interested Persons)

Welcome to Concerning Hobbits!Concerning Hobbits is a rank 10, hobbits-only kinship on the Landroval server. We are a friendly, low-pressure kinship comprised of players at all levels. We are a rather silly bunch, truthfully."I am personally imm...
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Official Business

[Pinned] Guidelines for Harmonious Hobbiting

Greetings fellow hobbits! I am a firm believer that a good kinship of quality folks can function just fine without a laundry list of rules and regulations. If such things get too intense, and I or your other officers started ordering everyone to D...
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General Discussion

word for word 2018-02-01

You say, 'There’s very little of the old magic in the world and less still that comes into the shire. But on this night, still and cold with not but the moon in the sky lighting up the trees and Smials did our fair hobbit Brenla steped out to find...
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General Discussion

Some recent party things ...

Kin party on 4/13/17: Scrambled Eggs! Category is NPCs in Bree1. SAND DOBHEAVER2. MAN B RAIL3. VERY PAPA LEBRAC4. WON KOASE5. BLOWN TED FRUT A CLEEAnswers:1. Dob Sandheaver2. Barliman3. Avery Crabapple4. Owen Oaks5. Newbold Leafcutter(I know, way ...
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Official Business

For Your Information regarding the alliance...

For any folks who missed the meeting on Sunday, I put together as brief a summation I could to give you an idea of what sorts of things we Bounders do. (I can get verbose, as those who know me can attest.)If you go to our site, boundersoftheshir...
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General Discussion

August is our 7th Annual Month a' the Chicken!

More details later this week!
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Screenshots and Media

Kin Party on a hill

Hullo, mates!These are some shots of our party on July 28th 2016.
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Short-Stories Section!

Ioreld's Tale: Into the Northerlands

I knelt, my armor creaking, to hold Darrien’s hand, and for a few moments I could only think of what an agonizing death comes of a wound like his. In the Halls of the Gentle Hand I had seen my mother treating soldiers with an arrow lodged in the g...
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Short-Stories Section!

Six Spears of the Haehînbór

Here's my next writing project set in Middle-earth. Unlike Ioreld's Tale: Into the Northerlands, this one has nothing to do with my, or anyone else's, LOTRO characters. In fact, there's almost no LOTRO influences; it's simply an original story set...
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Roleplay (RP)

Fun With Elvish!

I've always had fun coming up with names for fantasy characters (being an old DnD-head from way back). I started playing LOTRO and was happy to see that I could name my legendary items. So I remembered a cool elvish glossary that was included in...
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General Discussion

Helpful Dynamic Map Link

Forgive me if this link is well-known to the LOTRO populace, but I stumbled across it and I find it amazingly helpful. sure to utilize the drop-down options at the top of the image to select which map to view.
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General Discussion

The Landy Lately

Hullo again. I've not been visiting as much since getting Shirriffed, and I'm sorries fer that.I did want t' let ya know that I have an "in" with the new Editor over at that Landy Lately paper that sprung up after Mister Aldekim retired from publi...
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Off-Topic and RL

Next step for joining the Kinship?

Hello everyone :-)This is Arebelia, and I am a new applicant to the kinship.Ive just received acceptance into this forum (thank you).For next step, can you please advice with whom I can contact in game to request Kinship invitation?Many thanks, an...
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General Discussion

Happenings on Landroval

On Sunday, August 9th, I will start posting Landy events in a thread on the Landy section of the Middle-Earth Bulletins (( called Happenings on Landroval.My aim for this is two fold:1) To let folks who might or will be moving here know ...
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Party Games!

I Have A Cunning Plan

This is a team game that takes a little longer than most to play, but not too much longer. It works best if nearly everyone participates. See the first game below for an idea of how it might play out.0. Pre-Game PreparationThe moderator will creat...
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Party Games!

Tolkien Or Not

This game becomes a little inevitably OOC, since for our hobbit characters, Tolkien's not a real person, and we don't know we live in a book. But that's okay, people don't mind. Just might want to mention it at the start, to give people permission...
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