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da Bugans


Da Bugans are playing! Thought I let everyone know. Friday at 8pm servertime (EST)
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da Bugans

Info for Weatherstock 2014

Bugans--LMB posted information regarding Weatherstock on their forums. It's scheduled for Sat. June 14 approx 12:00-6:00pm /servertime. Presumably the bands play at some point in the middle of all of that... not sure what time. (I wasn't able t...
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da Bugans

da Bugans play @ Les Beaux Chapeaux Kinhouse on September 15th, 2013

''Umborth! Trenghi! Khinio! Rhost khig!''Greetinsez Lads, Lass, and Ladiesez! ''da Bugans'' gang shall being making a stand with Les Beaux Chapeaux in thier Kinhouse on 4 Myrtle Court, Treegarth homestead of the Shire on Sunday, September 15th, 2...
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da Bugans

da Bugans are playing at the Dolwood!

Hullo, friends! Your favorite in-kin, ruffian band is playing at the Dolwood tonight! Come see Cautleya, Chafo, Skoch, and Sobrandbow perform a variety of entertaining (and sometimes hilarious) music. (I'll be there too, but I'm just honorary.)...
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