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Mugwumper / Mar 12, 2017
Our last party a Fishing Derby was a success. People fished in competition, danced (of course), we goofed off a bit and had a fashion contest, then a swimming race to the Brandywine Bridge. At this point the crowd was thinning down but we had one last activity which was to swim all the way to the sunken ship.

Thanks as always to all those in attendance and those that couldn't you are in our thoughts, at least we talked about you behind your back...(kidding)

Brabbo / Oct 25, 2016
πŸŽƒ Announcements πŸŽƒ

Our Kin Party this Thursday will be at the Party Tree Hill at 8:00PM server time with some themed music, a Halloween costume contest, some games and we will end with some role play in Bag End.

We have a new poll: What did you like the most about U19 - March of the King?

πŸŽƒ Upcoming Events πŸŽƒ

Halloween Extravaganza, this Thursday at 8:00 PM EST at Party Tree Hill, Hobbiton.

Harvestmath Fall Festival is on until November 3rd. Visit the lotro forums to see the official current events schedule.

Da Bugans presents: Horrorfest III The Bride of Buganstein

Note: regular weekly events are dependent on whether kinmates are around to make them happen. Do you want something to happen, but don't see a regular officer around? Don't be afraid to step up and make something happen!

Free: The LOTRO Store Freebie for Oct. 28th - Nov. 3rd is Sturdy Steel Key x1. Use Coupon Code STEELKEY 1/Account. To see this week's other sales, visit the LOTRO Store sale page here.

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