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Mushroom Thiefs!

The Rules

(Borrowed and modified from

The Game in a Nut-shell
There’s a crime spree of stolen crops in the Shire! Farmers are trying to figure out who's a Mushroom Thief; the Mushroom Thiefs are pretending to be Farmers, and trying to throw suspicion on real Farmers. During the night the Thiefs steal mushrooms, knocking out of the game the Farmer who has been stolen from. During the day angry hobbits vote to send someone to the Michel Delving Lockholes, sending them out of the game.

The undercover Shirriff is trying to throw suspicion on any Mushroom Thiefs she discovers, but without revealing herself to be the Shirriff (because if she does, the Mushroom Thiefs will almost certainly steal from her fields that night, and thus knock her out of the game (since she's the greatest threat to Mushroom Thievery.) Of course the Shirriff can reveal herself at any time, if she thinks it's worthwhile to tell the other players what she's learned. Also of course, a Mushroom Thief can claim to be the Shirriff and "reveal" anything he/she wants.

The only information the Farmers have is what other players say -- and who is out of the game. Accusing someone of being a Mushroom Thief is suspicious. Not accusing anyone is also suspicious. Agreeing with another player a lot is suspicious, and therefore so is pretending not to agree with another player. Never voting to send a particular player to the Lockholes is very suspicious for both of them -- unless it's the Shirriff, who knows that player is innocent, in which case it’s very suspicious to the Mushroom Thiefs…

Setting Up
Assemble a group of players. An odd number is best, although not absolutely mandatory. There should be at least seven players; nine or eleven is better.

The roles for the game are:
• One "Moderator"
• One "Narrator"
• Two "Mushroom Thiefs"
• One "Shirriff "
• All the rest "Farmers"

Once the players have assembled, the Moderator will PM each player, identifying to them privately their role; two players will be Mushroom Thiefs, one will be the Shirriff, and the rest will be Farmers. Each player must keep their role secret.

The Moderator tells BOTH Mushroom Thiefs each of their identities.

The Game: Night and Day
The game proceeds in alternating night and day phases. We begin with Night. (Narrator narration below is in Bold).

It is night. Farmers are sleeping in their cozy Hobbit-holes. Silently, Mushroom Thieves are at work in the fields, stealing a whole year’s harvest. Thiefs, choose your victim.

The Mushroom Thiefs discuss on a Hobbit to steal from in their Fellowship Chat. Once decided, they PM the Moderator their choice.

But our secret hero, the Shirriff, guesses who the Mushroom Thief is.

The Shirriff PMs the Moderator with a guess of the Mushroom Thief’s identity. The Moderator responds with a “Yes” or “No” in PM to the Shirriff.

The Sun rises. A delicious Breakfast is eaten! But one shocked Hobbit finds only empty mushroom fields, and a year’s lost harvest. It is…

The Moderator identifies the poor Hobbit, and the Hobbit’s role, who is now out of the game!

Angry Hobbits cannot stand for such an outrage! Someone is going to the Lockholes in Michel Delving! Farmers, discuss and decide who is the Thief!

The Farmers discuss in open chat who the Thief may be. A majority vote will send that Hobbit to the Lockholes, who is now out of the game. The Moderator shares the Hobbit’s role.

Repeat Night and Day until there is a winner.

The Farmers win if they lock-up both Mushroom Thiefs. The Mushroom Thiefs win if they steal from enough Farmers so that the numbers are even (two Mushroom Thiefs and two Farmers, or one Mushroom Thief and one Farmer.)

Moderator Text to Players

Mushroom Thief
You are a Mushroom Thief! Please set up a Fellowship with the other Mushroom Thief when he/she has been identified to you. When notified at Night, you will discuss in your Fellowship Chat with your colleague-in-crime about which Farmer to steal from. Keep your identity secret!

You are the Shirriff! When notified at Night, you will privately PM the Moderator a guess as to the identity of a Mushroom Thief, who will tell you whether or not your guess is correct. During Day, you will discuss in open chat the identity of the Mushroom Thief is, while being careful to not identify yourself, unless you mean to! You will vote on who to send to the Lockholes. Keep your identity secret!

You are a Farmer! When notified, you will discuss in open chat who you think the identity of the Mushroom Thief is. You will vote on who to send to the Lockholes. Keep your identity secret!
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Galiodoc, I love this! Let's chat sometime in game. I have a couple of questions. Thanks for sharing this idea! I can see this making a great game.
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