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#11208678 Jun 24, 2015 at 04:56 AM
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Seeing your thread about gathering mats made me realize I don't think I've ever approached CH about joining the Crafting Storage Alliance. I don't know if you've discussed or have a shared storage neighborhood like some kins do. If so, this might not be of interest.

Brief History:
I am one of three founders of a small Dwarf kin--Axes and Ales. We had a slew of houses in our neighborhood that we used for shared crafting kin storage. It took the personal load off trying to keep mats at all levels handy. We all understood that what was stored there wasn't for profit--it was for helping. So if one wanted to sell mats, they had to store those on their own. If folks needed help gathering mats for craft leveling, we'd help much like you do.

We later decided since we're a small kin and we all had alts and friends in other kins or unkinned, why not share the storage? So the CSA was born. It's currently used by folks in both Club Eclairs, Moot folks, a few whole kins, and others (kinned or unkinned folks--the whole kin doesn't have to "join" for any of the kins' members take part) that heard word and come to me asking if they can join as well. We even share only recipe storage with the MEC&W folks which was decided because they are a for profit crafting kin, and we thought this the best method since recipes are such a bother storage wise and the more the merrier when we can lend a hand.

We have a map as well, which I'll attach so you can see how we set things up. Most of the houses as you can see on the map are craft specific, though some have more than one house due to the sheer volume of mats they need--particularly processors.

It's based on an honor system, and we've all been really happy and lucky with it. (No thefts yet *knock on wood*) We definitely go through some highs and lows on certain tiers (constant lows, really with 8/9 and sometimes journeyfolk), but everyone has been great about keeping things stocked to a point where we really can craft at a moment's notice with way less hassle otherwise. As you can see below, we even try to help folks level crafting with excess and stuff we'll need for crafting anyway. One thing that confuses folk is hides stay at the hide house. We don't put any processed hides at the tailor house. Why? Space. There's only so much space you can buy per house, and MC ain't cheap for someone like me, so the room needed for tailor crit mats, scrolls, and single uses takes up plenty of room to begin with without trying to squeeze hides in there.

Because it's a Dwarf neighborhood, as long as someone can catch a stable to Thorin's, they can craft at will now that all the facilities are superior. It's not as long a trek as it is for other race's neighborhoods to their main hub. There are still a few NPCs that do not offer expert level recipes, but we have expert farming, weapon smithing and metal smithing NPCs. Thorin's Hall holds two Crafting Guilds. We're also close to a skirmish camp where you can pick up certain rare ingredients in a pinch for LIs and single uses if we're low on those.

So you know, we only have three rules, which are really common sense reminders:
1) Nothing there is to be sold for personal profit.
2) Please leave the dead last of anything except recipes as a marker so we know when things are low.
3) Please only use the mats for craft leveling when we have a lot to spare. If you need mats for craft leveling, ask Lilje and she will help you get what you need.

And then we have what I call Requests:
- Please do not put duplicate recipes at the Bluestone Armoury. Sell them. We go through hundreds of recipes per month.

- Single use recipes go to the craft house they belong to.

For processors: please keep the crafter in mind. Please don't make 100 Finished hides if it means we'll only have 2 brushed and no glazed.

For scholars: if you need to craft level, we suggest craft crit booster scrolls, any single use craft book recipes in Garikloris (shards are in Garikcoris) and dye.

Anyhoo, there's the offer, and hopefully a basic explanation so you can get a general gist of things. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you want a tour to see the actual set up inside the homes, ask and I'll see what I can arrange.

I hope it might be of use to at least some if not all of the CH folks. Please let me know if some or all of you are interested in joining. The more the merrier, I always say.

#11247627 Jul 04, 2015 at 01:01 PM
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Wow! Thanks for offering this to the kin, Daffy! I'll definitely check it out for cooking and see how it all works.
#11256096 Jul 06, 2015 at 08:08 PM
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The cooking house is a newer addition, so a few markers are missing--mostly upper tier. Folks have been filling the holes over time when they have the materials to spare. Still, you'll be able to see from what's there how we set things up.

Dampdale (Shire Homesteads) is also a storage neighborhood used by the Bounders and the Moot, though it's a slightly different mix than Holda. I mention this for two reasons.

1) We just had one of our large scale quarterly Recipe Swaps there this weekend, so the Armoury (opened recipe house in Holda) is fairly empty instead of jammed to the hilt. All CSA folks are invited to the swaps. It may seem odd to have them when we have the Armoury, but there's a greater chance to get rare non single use recipes during swaps because the scale is much larger. Some recipes come up time and again that no one needs, so I do once a month rotations at the Armoury to help folks find what they need in the months between the swaps.

2) I'll be returning Dampdale back to its normal storage use tonight and tomorrow. However, there are always cook recipes at Finn's smial (the dock house on Wending) because the Bounders have the room to spare and it helps open space at the Armoury. We also keep stuff for our Bounder Frydays at Finn's, so if ya stop by to check recipes there, don't be tempted by all the fish in cold storage. Although if you take a catfish cake or two, I don't think anyone will miss em. ;)

Oh, and I forgot to mention....although originally we chose "Take Holda yer ale," as a way to recall the A&A neighborhood name, for the CSA it's "Share Holda the mats".
#11356815 Aug 02, 2015 at 03:08 AM
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At the Moot Meet tonight, a few valid points were brought up regarding the upcoming server transfers and shared house vaults.

Holda is completely unlocked for ease of access. This could be a serious detriment if a newly visiting bot crawler or even just a nefarious/opportunistic transfer comes around sniffing for open chests and cleans us out.

Although a few folks have already volunteered to act as keymeisters if we have to/decide to do a lock down, this puts a lot of responsibility on those shoulders. I fear it may become a burden they may regret offering. I also cannot guarantee that a meister will always be online at any given time.

At present, I cannot add the names of even one alt per person who uses Holda in lieu of resorting to keymeisters. There is a limit to how many keys one can make, and some houses get buggy when you get even near that amount of keys.

One suggestion is to clean out duplicate stacks for mats and putting them in Garikyori's which will be locked except for me/meisters, and to put most recipe scrolls at a more secure location for restocking as a half measure between. No matter what I might wish to try, I will not have time to only leave 1 of each single use in place and shuffle the rest around to secure alts--it's too much work and I know it.

I am reaching out to all folk who use Holda this week to ask folks to consider the following:
1) Do we leave Holda as is, and hope Free Folk that come here are honest sorts?
2) Do we move out duplicates for the time being in order to keep the homes more accessible to those who use them?
3) Do we resort to locking them up and having keymeisters who can hopefully be contacted when folks have need?
4) One far fetched idea, but an idea none the less is that anyone who wants to/is able can put an existing alt or roll a new alt that will then be placed in the kin the Gariks belong to--the Bluestone Armoury. Then we can simply set a kin vault access for all those homes (except the cook kin house) and everyone can use their Bluestone Armoury alt as their get things alt.

Options 2 & 3 may be temporary until things calm down to whatever the new normal will be.

If we choose 1 or 2, and we get robbed, I will have to go with 3 (or possibly 4 depending on feedback) for the time being after said theft. We can definitely bounce back from being partially robbed, but all out robbed will hurt us badly.

Please think on this and let me know which option (or another no one's thought of yet) you feel is best for the CSA.

If you are interested in becoming a Keymeister if the decision is for lockdown, please let me know one alt name that would become such, so I can add you to the list and give them keys if things come to that. It would be especially helpful if all keymeisters are on the Moot since so many folks that use the CSA are Mootians. If you don't know about the Moot and want to offer a key holder, just ask me about it.
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