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Molly needs some models to pose for pictures, here's the notice:

Hello, Banders--

I think some of you know the Nimrodelian Talespinner and his Cottage of Pen and Play. He's asked me for some tales, so I'd like to give him the one I wrote about Bronwe's Folly. I told it at Ales & Tales a while ago, I don't know if any remember it. Anyway, it would be nice to illustrate it with pictures, if any of you would be willing to model for it.

I need a mature-looking kingly type, to model Bronwe, the last king of Cardolan. The king would need a king costume of some sort. Then there's a maiden, the fair-haired daughter of the mayor of Bree, who would need a fine mayor's daughter's dress, and then another gown for when she becomes queen of Cardolan. Also I'd need a mayor of Bree, suitably aged and garbed. And various well-to-do citizens of Bree, and various nobles for the court, men and women.

Could we meet in Bree at 8 PM server time tomorrow (Sunday, Aug. 2)? If you are interested but can't make that date, please post a time for Wednesday or later in the week, or next weekend. Thank you!
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