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#11364704 Aug 04, 2015 at 03:41 AM
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On Sunday, August 9th, I will start posting Landy events in a thread on the Landy section of the Middle-Earth Bulletins (( called Happenings on Landroval.

My aim for this is two fold:

1) To let folks who might or will be moving here know we are looking forward to both meeting them and sharing what we have to offer here.

2) To help those same folks experience many examples of the various sorts of player based things we organize to hopefully help them feel at home in the long run.

To that end, I am asking any folks, kinned or unkinned, that either plan to offer some sort of welcome event(s), or would like to extend an invitation to any other sort of event/muster they would like the server transfer folks to attend to let me know about it* so I can add it to the OP. Hopefully having one thread to check will make it easier for them to find what they might be looking for on Landy.

This could be a concert, general social, adventure plan, raid, muster for PvMP, instance night, trivia contest, their kins' meeting, a crafting event, give-away, fashion show, RP gathering, chicken runs, market day, festival-based gathering, or anything else that would fall into the two aims above.

Starting the Monday after, and daily after that, I'll do my level best to update the OP by 3pm servertime each day with any new offerings I get word of from folks. When events pass, the listing will get bumped to the "Past Happenings" response of the thread so the newcomers can still see what else happened in case they missed something that might be useful for them to know about for whichever reason(s).

I'm not sure how long I'll keep updating, but I figure at least until Yule time. It'll really depend on the timetable for the transfers down the line.

We all know that losing one's homes isn't an easy thing. So let's help them: either decide if Landy is their home, or already feel that their new home is a fine place to be.

*All I ask is that when you respond on the Happenings thread or via a Quick Post sent to Gammy, please state:

- if the event is RP, RPF (RP friendly) or NRP (non RP based)

- location and time (All times in /servertime please!), as well as if escorts will be made available at another location if it's not easy for lower level folks (esp. name holders or temp visitor alts) to get to

- if it's a one time thing or recurring

- if there is anything specific (such as: bring an instrument, levels x-x, or offered solely for Dwarves sorts of things) they should know ahead of time

- one or more folks they can contact for further details

- if the event will be held in a language other than English

Please note: I will be checking Gammy's Quick Post between 10:30-11:15am /servertime each day. So anything sent after that will most likely NOT be posted that day.

Also, please, please, please, with cherry pie on top, DO NOT respond with event info to this thread. I posted the notice to about a half a dozen kin sites, so checking all copies of this thread daily will be too time consuming. Either post your info on the Happenings thread or via Quick Post to Gammy.
#11874630 Dec 18, 2015 at 06:05 AM
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Will the Pub Party take place on Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve?

I'm checking in with folks who offer events on Thursday/Friday if the events will still be held those two weeks despite the Holly Days.

Please let me know either way so I don't fret that I'll be telling folks to go somewhere there won't be something to do.

Thankies in advance.

#11874654 Dec 18, 2015 at 06:15 AM
Voluntary As...
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We were just talking about this at the last pub party last night, and I think the consensus is that we're not going to make a stab at it, as too few people will be around.
#11878379 Dec 19, 2015 at 01:45 PM
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#11874654 Sageflower wrote:

We were just talking about this at the last pub party last night, and I think the consensus is that we're not going to make a stab at it, as too few people will be around.

Good t' know! I'll bump it to next week on the Happenings then.

Hope your Holly Days are jolly!
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