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#11490152 Sep 05, 2015 at 03:05 PM · Edited 4 years ago
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I've been meaning to do this FOREVER.

I set up a group on Raid Call ( called Sandsons , the ID is 11615758 . It's a free service, and supposedly can host 300 folks at one time, so we shouldn't ever have issues about folk not fitting during an event.

I made it primarily for chicken stuff because of the language barrier, but folks can hang out at the Yard anytime they want to. (Yard is our default "landing zone", although there is also a Lounge.)

To be clear, I'm not meaning to replace Skoch's TS that's usually used for Free Range runs--this is just something I thought could be useful for those times in between or if we can't (for whatever reason) use his down the road.

Right now, it's set up to public access so anyone can use it at anytime. Please treat the info for this group as you would all other places you want to protect from potential cabbagers (cabbager=troll). If we get any cabbagers, I'll worry about restricting membership or setting up mods then. If you want to put in an app to be an official member, feel free to do so. I'll approve ya when I see the app (which may be a while--no one really uses it yet since it's brand new including me!) If your handle on RaidCall is not a character name I might recognize, please put a LOTRO alt name or your favorite in game emote in your app so I know you're not some random folk who stumbled upon the channel that could be a cabbager waiting to happen.

I set up various channels and subchannels for the various quests, as well as one for Chickengard in case they needed it since I was setting it up right before that event. As I mentioned above, the Yard is the general channel if folk just want to chit-chat, but the Lounge works too if folk prefer that (we could treat the Lounge as strictly OOC chatter if folk want one for IC and one for OOC, I guess.)

If at anytime, someone gets cabbaged, let me (Daffodilia) know the name (haven't read up enough about how to check for IPs yet) via PM here or Quick Post and I will block them as I can when I can.

For folks who are hearing impaired, there is text chat functionality on RC as well, so if you need to talk to a chicken/tender it's still another option, though a bit unwieldy til you get used to it.

If you have any questions about this, do let me know.

I hope it comes in handy fer folk. :D
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