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#11492501 Sep 06, 2015 at 08:30 AM
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One of the notions I got for a Welcome event for the incoming folks was offering a bit of Hobbit Hospitality. The idea is that once or twice a week for a half hour to an hour, some hobbits hang out with Andy outside the Homestead Gate, and have some things on hand for harried hobbits and other folk who prefer living in the Shire who might need a smile and a hullo as well as a slice a' pie and a mug a' ale...or a doormat, or perhaps a bush since theirs didn't survive the waggon ride....

I would think it especially keen if Concerning Hobbits would co-host such with the Bounders. I'm planning on doing a regular Friday half hour + before Friday events start starting this week. I plan to do this every Fryday from this week until Hoppa's Trick n' Treats at the end of October.

I know some other Bounders are trying to find a day/time for their own shot at playing host/ess but haven't decided when yet. We were thinking pairs of folk (company to pass the time in between passerbys) or small companies as our groups.

If any of the CH folk are interested, I can post any regular times we'll be there in case ya have time and want t' stop by, and hopefully ya'll tell us when would be good for you so we can help out and keep ya company as ya host/ess as well. You can do it as a one time, or every other or every week sort of thing. Whatever works for ya!

Please let me know if yer folk are innerested or not.

Here's my blurb for this Friday. Time listed is /servertime.

- Friday the 11th from 7:30-8:45pm [RP/R]: Hobbit Hospitality: Shopping for a new smial in the Shire Homesteads? Can't recall which crate you packed your frying pan? In need of a snack or something to wet your whistle? Hospitality Hobbits will be posted at Andy Brockhouse's tent outside the Homestead Gate with comforts to smooth your move.
#11492590 Sep 06, 2015 at 09:16 AM
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Put me down for a maybe. But definitely not the next two weeks (we're flying out Tuesday for a week abroad). Rule of thumb is, if there's RP in it, and I'm not already getting the RP somewhere else, I'm in. :)
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