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#11824760 Dec 04, 2015 at 12:51 AM
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For those of you who could make it to the kin pub party last night, you were reminded why Roz is so dear to us. She is compassionate, charming, witty, talented, oh so fashionable, and wears a Concerning Hobbits heart on her green sleeve at all times. Back when I was looking for a kin I learned that Roz was the Chief of CH. When I saw her at server events I was so impressed by how many people from other kins knew and loved her that I was initially very nervous to meet her and ask about CH. But when I did, I got to see why she was held so dear by so many. My nervousness evaporated and I was charmed and extremely impressed by her humor and spirit.

When she asked me to be an Officer, I was honored, and happy to serve. I truly didn't know what I had to offer as an Officer, but if Roz asked me, yes was the right answer. When she asked me to be kin Successor, I wondered why. She said it was required by the rules of LOTRO (which it is), and for some reason to her I seemed the right hobbit for the job. Again, I was humbled, and yes was the right answer.

We all, I think, strive for balance and a semblance of peace in our lives, and I think LOTRO in some way contributes to that need for many of us who play. Whatever Roz needs to do to achieve that balance and peace I wholeheartedly support, and I am certain to a hobbit all of us support, and if anyone deserves it, it's her. As Chief of CH, I could not ever replace Roz. Ever. What I can do is my best to support the things that I think are what makes Concerning Hobbits special: Humor. Caring. Fun. Listening. Laughter. Support. Connection. Friendship.

Roz, may you be happy! And be happy with us when you can! I will do my best to keep CH in good stead as Mama Hen would want it.

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