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Voluntary As...
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This is a team game that takes a little longer than most to play, but not too much longer. It works best if nearly everyone participates. See the first game below for an idea of how it might play out.

0. Pre-Game Preparation

The moderator will create a list of about 20 goals that a plan might be created to accomplish. E.g., "bake the perfect quince pie", "throw Mayor Whitfoot off the top of Stocktower", "steal Elrond's favorite hat", or "conquer the Dunlendings". These can be absurd, grandiose, silly, or nearly impossible, so long as they're odd. Though throwing in a totally mundane one once in a while is funny too.

1. Form Teams

The participants divvy themselves up into 2, 3, or 4 teams. (The moderator can be a member of one of the teams.) Teams can be a single person when not many are playing, but it's more fun if they're at least two people. If it's three or more, forming fellowships is useful for having a private team chat channel.

2. Choose Resources

Each team chooses, privately, without revealing their discussion to anyone else, a resource, which is something one might use in carrying out a plan. It can be an object (e.g., "a swift horse", "ten pounds of strawberries", "the key to the House of Coins in Minas Tirith", "an ornery pig", or "a speckled summer dress"), or a person or group of persons (e.g., "the Bounders", "Carlo Blagrove", "a bickering contingent of Rohirrim"). Once every team has chosen theirs, then they each announce out loud what they chose.

Note: when there are only two teams, each team chooses two resources, for a total of four. Thus, with two or four teams you'll have four resources, and with three teams you'll have three.

3. Choose a Goal

The moderator now uses a random method like rolling a die to pick from the list of goals and announces this goal out loud.

4. Form Plans

Each team now whispers amongst themselves to come up with a plan which will accomplish the chosen goal, and which will use each one of the resources in the plan. The plan can, and should, be utterly ridiculous and impractical, impossible to believe it could ever happen, and way too complicated, but it should be just barely, just ever so slightly, plausible. Think of those diagrams of a ridiculous mouse-trap where a dropping weight cuts a string that releases a balloon that blows a horn that startles a goat, for the level of absurd-but-plausible we're looking for.

Ideally each resource will be used in a real way as part of the plan, not just "to use it up". For instance, if one of your resources is a pie, the plan could say that we eat the pie before we start to get energy for our further endeavors, and that's good enough; but it's even better if you decide to drop the pie onto a ramp to make it slippery so the pig slides down it.

It's best if there's a time limit on this step. Both to keep things moving, and to ensure people don't try to make their plans too realistic. They should be coming up with zany, creative, off-the-cuff ideas, not drawing diagrams and timelines.

5. Present Your Plans

A spokesperson for each team now describes, in a few poses, their plan. With a straight face, if possible. It is traditional to begin your plan with the phrase, "I have a cunning plan!" Afterwards, be encouraging: tell them how cunning their plan is. For instance, "That plan was so cunning you could slap a tail on it and call it a weasel!"

6. Voting

Optionally, there can be voting by bystanders, or by participants, for which is the best plan. But usually it's enough for everyone to have a good laugh.
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Voluntary As...
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  • Skoch, Unchainedmelody, Merridew
  • Peachypie, Frodaswinda
  • Sageflower, Brabbo
  • Skoch: Preserved Barrow-brie
  • Peachypie: A snowman
  • Sageflower: A mushroom pie
  • tame a giant spider
Skoch says, 'I have a cunning plan!'
Skoch says, 'The evil King of the Mushroom Pie was a close friend and so we...'
Skoch says, 'Borrowed a Snowman To see if A giant spider was capable of decorating one.'
Skoch says, 'Of course the Kings pie maker did not think that was a very good he came up with the idea to make this work'
Skoch says, 'So they placed the Spider on the Mushroom King's head and melted the Snowman instead!'
Skoch says, 'Since he was a pie maker it was easy...he had his secret weapon. his Grand Ma's perserved brie cheese pie!'
Skoch bows deeply.
Skoch says, 'Dat wuz our cunning plan!'

Frodaswinda says, 'I have a cunning plan. We train the spider using negative reinforcement. Whenever the spider does something wrong, the snowman hits it with the brie. To keep up our own strength, we share the mushroom pie amongst ourselves.'
Frodaswinda says, '(It worked)'
Peachypie says, 'Dat was all Froda's idea'

Sageflower says, 'I have a cunning plan!'
Sageflower says, 'Giant spiders are nasty brutish evil creatures who love to paralyze tasty plump hobbits and suck the juice out of them.'
Sageflower shivers.
Merridew looks at Skoch and shivers.
Skoch says, 'Wooo, Go team spiders!'
Unchainedmelody cowers in fear!
Brabbo chuckles at Skoch.
Sageflower says, 'So after Brabbo dances around near one to get it excited, we lure it to where a snowman has been placed, dressed up to look like him!'
Peachypie says, 'nasty'
Brabbo begins dancing like a Hobbit!
Sageflower says, 'The spider thinks it's finally cornered Brabbo and stings the snowman, but when it tries to draw out his juices, it instead gets a rotten, moldy, terrible bit of brie!'
Merridew says, 'A Brabbo snowman! Wheee'
Sageflower says, 'Which makes the spider pass out from the narcotic and awful stench.'
Merridew says, 'Ewwww'
Sageflower cackles.
Spamwyse laughs at Sageflower.
Merridew claps for Skoch.
Frodaswinda thinks the spider is not enjoying any of this.
Sageflower says, 'While the spider is unconscious we trap it in a cage. Once it wakes up, hungry, it tries to get out and gets hungrier and hungrier, until finally, it's so hungry, it takes our humble offerings of mushroom pie.'
Peachypie chuckles at Brabbo.
Sageflower says, 'And having learned to eat from our hands, it becomes our friend and we ride it all around the Shire and scare Lobelia out of her wits!'
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