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For any folks who missed the meeting on Sunday, I put together as brief a summation I could to give you an idea of what sorts of things we Bounders do. (I can get verbose, as those who know me can attest.)

If you go to our site,, and check our Calendar page, you can see what we have going on most weeks. This month is a bit off the norm because it is our 7th Annual Month a’ the Chicken (aka MotC--which I made another thread about here.). So feel free to look at past months as some events this month are substituting for times where we normally have other things going on. You will note that some events listed are not run by Bounders. All the Moot folk can post on the calendar as well once they are registered with the Bounder site. (More on the Moot in a bit.) This was something we recently fixed, as the permissions were set up wrong when we first moved to GamerLaunch, so some of our Moot folk haven’t gotten into the habit of posting their events yet.

Most of the events listed are open to anyone. In the rare case something isn’t, it says so in the description of the event, like certain levels needed or such. We do have colored labels so folks can tell at a glance if something is social, fellowship oriented, Official Bounder Business, and MotC specific.

Also, the Reference Shelf subforum has some historical RP stuff regarding the Bounders if you want to read what's there. You do not need to sign up to read that subforum.

Here’s some general lingo we use to help you understand what’s what:

- Bulletins: what we call our Forums, as well as any all kin Quick Post that is sent in game. We think of our site as a local Bulletin Board folks can see or post notices upon.

- Shire Time: All times listed are in what we call Shire Time, ST, which is /servertime in game. I forget what the default time for the forum is, but when you register, you can set your own time zone so you see things on the calendar listed as such. Posts in threads, though, will always be Shire Time. (FYI: We used to call Shire Time Bywater Time, but folks “got” the RP convention better with ST, so we changed to that.)

- “Walk and talk” means we literally walk as much as we can and we RP throughout the adventure.

- “Loot and scoot” is what most folks are used to. Little to no RP, and running as they adventure.

- Musterin’ Hill: the hill between the Michel Delving stables and crafting area. We often use this as a gathering point, as well as Moot groups like Middle-Earth Craft&Ware‘s loot n' scoot Good Deed Nights.

- Concerning Club Éclair and Club-Éclair, Second Servings (aka ESS), both have threads ongoing on the forums in the Landy subforum. You can read about what they are and what they are doing there. Both are open groups, you do not have to be in the Bounders or even the Moot to join. They also share a userchat channel, which is listed in that thread.

- Carrier Pidgeons/Pigeons: We think of all chat channels as having their own carrier pigeons that busily fly about sharing our words, which nicely oversteps any lore concerns as to how we can talk to someone half a continent away.

- Anything that refers to the Moot/Mooters/Mootians is in reference to those who use our Moot channel. If you missed the meeting, please ask one of your folk who attended about it, as we do not post the name of the userchat channel publicly to keep out trolls—it’s spread through word of mouth only. The Moot is made up of Bounders, Bounder alts, Bounder-friends, and friends of friends. We also have additional offerings for the Moot besides the channel.

The Moot (which is what we often call it to prevent an accidental slip of putting the full name in public—sometimes, as with our forums, also known as Shire Moot!) was originally started by 4th Shirriff Rumache Beanfest, now retired. It is light RP with ((OOC)) as well. But do not fret that it’s overly enforced. Especially near a big update, folks will prattle on at length dropping OOC parenthesis in discussion. We use it to say Hullo, and also to help form groups, get help with crafting or advice, share events, and the like. Since its inception, the Moot has grown to much more. We now offer the following:

- Moot Meet: is the 1st Saturday of the month (less it falls on a Holly Day) at 6:30pm at the Oak n’ Barrel, located at 4 Myrtle Ct, Addernotch, Shire Homesteads. This is a social where folks share plans, ask for things and just hang out in general.

- Classy Discussion: is the 3rd Saturday of the month (less it falls on a Holly Day) at 6:30pm at the Bounder Museum of Antiquities, located at 5 Harrow Rd, Addernotch, Shire Homesteads. We rotate the focus of the discussion every month, starting with classes in the game. This month will be about chicken tendering given MotC, but next month resume classes and will be about Lore Masters. ALL classes are invited, you do not have to be of the class to attend. For folks who can’t make it, of late I’ve been (as Wellie) posting write ups from the chat logs in The Landy Lately newspaper. The paper is on hiatus due to busies right now, but you can still find old Classy Discussions in the LL thread on the Landy subforums on

- Mootcycle: the vault located within the Dampdale Cartography Society. Similar to RL Freecycle mailing lists, folks can drop off stuff they don’t need, but think others will. Other folks can go and see if there’s anything there they need. Commoner items get cleaned out from time to time to keep the contents from going stale. They are sold to vendor, and funds go towards maintenance.

- Dampdale Cartography Society: located at 2 Chalk Rd in Dampdale, Shire Homesteads. (First smial t’ yer right when ya enter the gate.) All the maps needed for the 2 Cartographer Deeds (as well as others). If you have an alt that needs the deeds finished, just let a Bounder officer know and we’ll unlock deco permissions so you can “read” them all. We also have periodic Map Nights where they’re open for a full evening so folks can come as they have time. We also have all the Yule Fortunes for those deeds at another Dampdale smial. Same thing, ask in the Moot if ya need those for the titles.

- Recipe Swap: we hold a quarterly recipe swap in Dampdale overall. The Bounders own the entire neighborhood, and most of the homes are usually used for Bounder specific storage. During the swaps, certain smials (houses) are set aside for the various crafts that have recipes. A map of this can be found in the Gallery's Map Room on our site. Our next swap will be in October.

- Monthly Moot Outfit (aka MMO): every month, an outfit is chosen from Stitchville’s stored wardrobe items and placed inside Pennons smial vault (1 Wending Way, 1st smial t’ yer left when ya enter the gate). Please be careful as some pieces are BoE and can only be used in the wardrobe, and some of the BoE pieces are rare or now obsolete. Anyone can plan an MMO—see our thread on such if you have Moot permissions on our forum. The dye smial is Tinctories, at 2 Wending. Dye there is donation based, so not always fully stocked.

- Stitchville: all but 1 standard, and 3 of the 4 kinsmials in this Shire neighborhood are where we store wardrobe items to share. Because many of the items are difficult to get, they are locked except for Pennons and Tinctories. If you need access, ask in the Moot. If a keyholder is about, they will say so. This is a new addition in the last year, so we don’t have it mapped yet, nor have we started an outfit event like for recipes and map readings. Again, as mentioned above, some items are BoE, so please read each item carefully before copying them to character cosmetic slots—wardrobe is safest if you have it. If you don’t have wardrobe and the item is crafted, ask on the Moot for a copy, and if a crafter is about who can make it, they’ll usually say so. All but 2 of the smials that are part of the share have a specific banner in the yard so they are easy to spot. I just need to get 2 more of them so they all have them.

- the Crafting Storage Alliance (aka CSA): Located in Holda, Thorin’ Homestead, this is a shared crafting neighborhood that is open to all Mooters and some other folks too. (Started by my Dwarf Lilje.) Anyone who wants to join can, but let me know so I can send you our 3 common sense rules and link to the Map of what is where. (One of these days I’ll post both on the Moot forums.)

I think I covered all the basics. I know this is a lot to digest, but now you have a reference to go back to when ya forget stuff.
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I added an ally link in our Moot list on our Bounder/Moot site.

Sorries I didn't do it sooner, it just got buried on my To Do list.
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