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You say, 'There’s very little of the old magic in the world and less still that comes into the shire. But on this night, still and cold with not but the moon in the sky lighting up the trees and Smials did our fair hobbit Brenla steped out to find he lover.'

"smell of swamp"'
Idhrenfaer says, ' she stepped out of the Smials, she looked all around for her lover, yet he was nowhere in sight. She sighed, a bit annoyed, when suddenly a breeze picked up carrying the smell of swamp..'

“dirty white sheets”
Janneane says, 'gas and muck and blew it towards the nice clean white sheets getting dry out in the warm sun but because of the swamp guck now their filthy dirty crikey'

“a gourd”
Carysta says, '"Crikey!" she thought, looking at the sheets hanging all bedraggled and dirty. She thought about taking them in and then decided it wasn't her problem since these were not her sheets. Her problem was her lover. Where was he? She was going to smack him with a gourd for being late.'

“An open window”
Hologro says, 'She wandered away from the smell of the swamp, into the village, where a new smell came to her through an open window: a smell of apple, was it, hmm, clove? Could it be a pie?'

“Devilish smile”
Gingerbreadlass says, 'Brenla peeked through the window and her hobbity nose confirmed that she was smelling a lovely apple-crumb pie.'
Gingerbreadlass says, 'Her eyes found the pie on the kitched table and for a moment, she got a devilish grin on her face as she contemplated swiping that thing of beauty. She was quite hungry, for her lover'
Gingerbreadlass says, 'was going to take her to Tookland for a nice supper and he was nowhere to be found.'

“bright red rash”
Laaleth says, 'So, anyhow, Bren, silly hobbit, she fumbled in her pocket for some coin. Found none, so she DID swipe that pie, oinked it all down. She lie downin themiddle of a meadow to watch the moon roll as al the sugar set in. Suddenly she saw he rlover coming toward her and he had a awful bright red rash all over his face with apple crum aroudnhis mouth....and suddenly Bren was all +'
Laaleth says, 'se was al blistery and red rashed too'
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