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Welcome to Concerning Hobbit’s Ninth Annual Southern Shire Regional Scavenger Hunt Your colored text here...
[what follows was used in lyrical.]
Pay attention to what I’m about to say it will make life easier for the next hour or so.

None of these are terrible hard.

...well not if you know where they are already I guess.

All the locations are south of the main east west road through the Shire.

Look on your map see that road the goes ever on and on? We’ll stay below that.

[This will keep it tolerable as folks won’t have patience for long travel times.]

In fact all riddle locations are in an west-east line from here. (The Bird & Baby).

I’ll say every important tell in ./regional

in fact…

/regional: apologies in advance this space is gonna get a bit noisy.

Some of these will be easy. As this first half hearted one demonstrates:

The first is hardly a challenge more like a education for some. Find the hill for muster where Bounders and Mooters are known to come.

[the muster hill]


Away, don’t stay, meet and greet, find the hobbit, between three columns

[The ruins at the crossroads of Waymeet]
If a girl hobbit volunteers` we could say … find the hobbit that’s nice and sweet
Rhyming with greet


Both hill top and roof top, don't stop. Find the place where in one view chimneys number 10 and 2

[top of Tuckborough]

Tuckboro has the library (which might make it too easy)
Depending on how zoomed out you are you can actually argue there are some 14 chimneys seen from the very top of the hill.
You can clearly see the next objective, not that you can tell that yet.
To get to the next you have to ‘go around’


From here you may see two white trees, away in the distance they be.

Now run down and go around to a vista for you to see.

‘Vista’ should clue in that it’s a hilltop

[the hilltop overlooking Bywater]


Outside a wood lined corridor, a visitor set to leave this shore, who’s fire’s gone out long ago.

[Abandoned Elf Camp. One npc named Orthir stands in the woods at 33.4S 66.1W]

From here we end it by dropping down into Woodhall where Morrdi will be set up playing
The ‘after party/encore’ event will be to find the last location…
[the ferry dock]
Once at the dock we can skinny dip up the river

Jump down the hall, or have a short fall. Either way you can dance it off


Some will be skipping the next one’s skinny dipping, Or at least they may need some wine.

To get to the place we’ll all have a race, we’re running forward this time.

...To the docks!

Is this even a riddle at this point?

Loose ideas:
3 bees hives in Tookland
a depression, the road goes around it between the Took and Green

#13785560 Jun 03, 2018 at 11:54 AM
Voluntary As...
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Great event, Mug!

Let's do a Bree version! I would be interested in planning that one.

#13785893 Jun 03, 2018 at 11:27 PM
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Froda, I'd recommend a shared google doc or equivalent to start off.

That's how this doc was formed and it was relatively easy to share for feedback and ideas.

I'm all for a Bree scavenger hunt.

Honeydove did one some time ago and it was a success. I'd suggest hitting her up for ideas to prevent overlap but honestly I don't think anyone would mind if it did have a few of the same things..
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