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Words and phrases to use:

- Pig
- Shooting Star
- Blunt Spear
- Shiny Pebble
- Boot Knife

Hologro says, "Once upon a time, there was a striped Pelennor pig who was sick and tired of never leaving the Pelennor. He wanted to see the Shire!"

Frodaswinda says, "This cute pig, whose name was Pretty Pig, was sitting in his sty one evening when he noticed a shooting star overhead. He made a wish on it - I will leave tonight for the Shire! He broke the fence down and headed north!"

Cremella says, "So Pretty Pig set out. He traveled far and crossed many rivers and streams and went through woods and plains. One day, he was chased by some short, chubby creatures in Enedwaith who threw blunt spears at him and yelled something about bacon!"

Idhrenfaer says, "Alas, poor Pretty Pig was in trouble! Thankfully for him, his wish on a star also granted him some superior luck. As he ran as fast as his wee piggy legs could go, he kicked up a shiny pebble which hit his pursuer and distracted them long enough for him to make his escape on toward Eregion!"

Kenghis says, "Our happy pig made it all the way to Mirobel where he was cornered by Angmarim priests, but escaped as a ranger charged in wielding a boot knife."

Mugwumper says, "That ranger had other things on his mind, of course. But upon seeing our pig hero run past he dropped the knife and lunged at the pig. With an arm around its neck he managed to push her down (it’s a she pig bear with me) and hold it there on the ground. Reaching for the antidote he broke a vial beneath the pig’s face. She had no choice but to breathe in the fumes. This turned her back into the maiden that he had fallen in love with so long ago and had finally won her back. The End."

This is followed by much weeping from the audience at the beauty of the tale. There is also moderate confusion about the gender roles exhibited by the ranger and pig. However, given the quantities of ale always available at a Concerning Hobbits kin party, no one was too put out.
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>> no one was too put out

I'm so glad.
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