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[Pinned] READ FIRST--The Screenshot Gallery Forum

Post your screenshots and photographs in this forum!You'll notice that as of the writing of this post, we have exceeded 80% of our storage capacity for screenshots hosted on this site. We're about to bump up against the limit!Henceforth, screensh...
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Rozalinde Fairholm51205Small Noctavia 4y
Screenshots and Media

Kin Party on a hill

Hullo, mates!These are some shots of our party on July 28th 2016.
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Brabbo31156Small Daffodilia 1y
Screenshots and Media

The Wedding of Mug and Honey!

Hullo all!Here are some lovely coloured etchings from the wedding of Mug and Honey! Enjoy!Periplum <3FULL ALBUM:
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Periplum Poesy3604Small Sageflower 2y
Screenshots and Media

Hobbit Mayrok from Russia, Moscow.

Glad to meet you friends! I want to share your screenshots with Russia server lotro. I hope you enjoy our adventures.(Рад встрече с Вами друзья! Хочу поделиться своими скриншотами, с Russia сервера lotro. Надеюсь Вам понравятся наши приключения.)1...
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Screenshots and Media

Breakfast for Dinner

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Screenshots and Media

Art and Creations!

While talking with our glorious Princess of Pies yesterday, I started talking about some of my art and wanting to share it. I'm going to be using this thread to post stuff that I've created. Anybody else is welcome to post their art and creations ...
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Noctavia326764Small Sageflower 3y
Screenshots and Media

Chickens confront Hobbits

This is a shot from when some of us did the Ridge Runner deed in Eregion. Great view from up there, though you can't tell from the screenshot.Wanna fight?
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Nettlebow3524Small Brabbo 3y
Screenshots and Media

Sardines in the attic

These were taken back during the Fall Festival, and I forgot to post them :( . We had our kin party that week at the Party Tree. We played a splendid game, I think it was called Hide and Sardines, or something like that. One person hides, and then...
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Nettlebow4743Small Rozalinde Fairholm 3y
Screenshots and Media

Concerning Hobbits Music Video

My first attempt at making a simple music video. I recorded Tiflo playing each of the instruments individually, then I mixed each soundtrack together to create one song with all the instrument. After that was done I edited the video part of the re...
Small Tiflo Willohill 3y
Tiflo Willohill4728Small Noctavia 3y
Screenshots and Media

Brawl at Horrorfest

Ok, more like a fight in the parking lot.I accidentally selected 'spar' on Lhinnthel when I meant to do 'inspect'. She accepted, I explained, we giggled about it, and then when I tried to inspect her again I inadvertently shot her with an arrow fr...
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Screenshots and Media

Art from Bag End

I wonder if these are available anywhere for housing objects.
Small Burnet 3y
Burnet5952Small Sageflower 3y
Screenshots and Media

Cosmetic ID thread

If you see someone wearing something cool but they're anonymous or won't answer your polite requests for information, get a screenie and post it here so someone who knows what it is might see it. I keep finding stuff I want to ask people about and...
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Burnet91479Small Noctavia 3y
Screenshots and Media

Here is a man dressed like a bug.

[Ceremonial Himhar][Ceremonial Mammutti Shoulder Guards][Ceremonial Mammutti Armour][Cloak of the Dragonfly][Ceremonial Rift-defender's Gloves][Ceremonial Mammutti Leggings][Ceremonial Mammutti Boots]
Small Burnet 3y
Burnet0916Small Burnet 3y
Screenshots and Media

Went into Gath Agarwen Aboroteum to face Grimbark solo at level 30, was not disappointed.

The instance itself was surprisingly easy. I did not need to pop a tome of defence and only had to use one rejuvenation potion. The key was traiting trapper of foes and going endurance stance. Tripwire to knock Grimbark down and piercing trap for ...
Member avatar small Wilbus 3y
Wilbus0480Member avatar small Wilbus 3y
Screenshots and Media

Frodo Joins Concerning Hobbits!

Ullielle, Anselerda, and Gegorn welcome Frodo to the Concerning Hobbits Kinship(I think I did this right, so we can delete the other post/photo from the database now?)
Small Ullielle 3y
Ullielle121100Small Tayberrie 3y
Screenshots and Media

Roz, Bredhe, and Burnet blew up Dargnakh's head

There's just a plume of smoke where it used to be.
Small Burnet 3y
Burnet0591Small Burnet 3y
Screenshots and Media

Chickens adventures.

Nettlebow and Maethanir (Burnet) were gracious enough to escort ~Rozalinde (chicken) to Forochel to find the sunken ship crashed onto the side of the glacier. We were expecting the journey to be a dangerous adventure, and it was....We weren't exp...
Small Rozalinde Fairholm 3y
Rozalinde Fairholm6965Small Burnet 3y
Screenshots and Media

Elves secretly enjoy cuddling for warmth on cold mountaintops.

She's a walking fanfic trope.Roz, you can show this to Abby and her friends, I forgot before I logged. ;)
Small Burnet 3y
Burnet2445Small Rozalinde Fairholm 3y
Burnet4593Small Burnet 3y
Screenshots and Media

Sunset over Dol Amroth

I miss my bed, and my dogs, and fishing in the Bog, and my ma's shepherd's pie. But I never would have seen this sunset from home.
Small Brint 3y
Brint2383Small Rozalinde Fairholm 3y