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Tech Talk - Stats, Essence Gear, PvMP, and More!

Hey folks,This is a spot to share technical knowledge for everyone's benefit! Admittedly, some of this may be kind of 'end-gamey', but certainly will help out understanding and improving stats as you level up. In any case, it should be easier than...
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Guides and Walkthroughs

Hidden Deeds

Survivor DeedsThese deeds are completed by simply surviving past certain levels without falling to defeat.The Wary – reach level 5 without being defeatedRewards: title of “The Wary”The Undefeated – reach level 10 without being defeatedRewards: tit...
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Rozalinde Fairholm61424Small Rozalinde Fairholm 4y
Guides and Walkthroughs

Guide: How to be a Smart LOTRO F2P/Premium Consumer (by Rozalinde)

This a guide is intended to:1. Help people navigate through the complicated mire of LOTRO's subscription levels and the limitations/benefits therein.2. Help those with limited financial resources maximize their enjoyment in LOTRO by making smart i...
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Guides and Walkthroughs

Legendary Item Basics (by Nettlebow)

Wow, Nettle, this is FANTASTIC. Everytime I'm helping a new kinnie get acquainted with the LI system, I'm going to link them to this thread.
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Guides and Walkthroughs

Raid Voice Chat Setup for Wednesday Lectures

Here are the basic things you need to have configured in your in-game LotRO voice chat, in order to listen to a lecture, ask questions, and otherwise be non-intrusive when needed.Have a microphone and headphones. Headphones are good because they'l...
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Burnet2676Small Rozalinde Fairholm 4y
Guides and Walkthroughs

Damage Types

There are several damage types which are particularly effective against certain enemies:*Belerand = Half-orcs, Ancient Evil, Spiders, and Insects.*Ancient Dwarf = Dragon-kind, and Cave-claws.*Westernesse = The Dead, Unseen, and Gaunt Men.*Fire = C...
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Guides and Walkthroughs

Mother Hen’s Chicken Guide (by Rozalinde)

Please make sure to give your support to Roz as your fearless leader tests her hand at writing guides. I say it is pretty darn good - but since you've all been on the chicken runs, please let us know if anything was left out! And thanks to Roz f...
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Guides and Walkthroughs

Legendary Items guide: writers wanted! (By Burnet and Roz)

Seeing as we have folks who are new to the whole legendary items gig, and it seems like most of the guides out there are really long, unwieldy, and subjective, here's a thought. Not my thought, I think it was Roz and Nettle's thought. What if we w...
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