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A forum to share the rules and procedures for our Party Games! Also a place to share ideas for new party games.
Read guides and walkthroughs prepared for you by your kinmates!
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General Discussion

word for word 2018-03-27

'When passing through Buckland, I heard a story about a young Bree-land lad who, when playing slay-the-dragon in the Scholar's Stair in Bree-town, discovered an old tome containing a fascinating tale about a legendary sword called The Smoke-Pierce...
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General Discussion

word for word 2018-02-01

You say, 'There’s very little of the old magic in the world and less still that comes into the shire. But on this night, still and cold with not but the moon in the sky lighting up the trees and Smials did our fair hobbit Brenla steped out to find...
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General Discussion

Some recent party things ...

Kin party on 4/13/17: Scrambled Eggs! Category is NPCs in Bree1. SAND DOBHEAVER2. MAN B RAIL3. VERY PAPA LEBRAC4. WON KOASE5. BLOWN TED FRUT A CLEEAnswers:1. Dob Sandheaver2. Barliman3. Avery Crabapple4. Owen Oaks5. Newbold Leafcutter(I know, way ...
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General Discussion

August is our 7th Annual Month a' the Chicken!

More details later this week!
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General Discussion

Helpful Dynamic Map Link

Forgive me if this link is well-known to the LOTRO populace, but I stumbled across it and I find it amazingly helpful. sure to utilize the drop-down options at the top of the image to select which map to view.
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General Discussion

The Landy Lately

Hullo again. I've not been visiting as much since getting Shirriffed, and I'm sorries fer that.I did want t' let ya know that I have an "in" with the new Editor over at that Landy Lately paper that sprung up after Mister Aldekim retired from publi...
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General Discussion

Happenings on Landroval

On Sunday, August 9th, I will start posting Landy events in a thread on the Landy section of the Middle-Earth Bulletins (( called Happenings on Landroval.My aim for this is two fold:1) To let folks who might or will be moving here know ...
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General Discussion

An Open Letter About Rozalinde Fairholm, and Chiefdom

For those of you who could make it to the kin pub party last night, you were reminded why Roz is so dear to us. She is compassionate, charming, witty, talented, oh so fashionable, and wears a Concerning Hobbits heart on her green sleeve at all tim...
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General Discussion

Cats and cushions

Thanks to Nettle, Pipi has a cat on a cushion in her house! as instructed, it is positioned near a fireplace.
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General Discussion

MadeOfLions shares a secret...

I did sneak a few chicken-related changes into an earlier update: opening the Fords of Isen and the Paths of the Dead to chickens, as well as letting them use the East Gate to Moria. I think that should allow chickens to get almost anywhere, altho...
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General Discussion

Month a' the Chicken

For folks who've been snoozin' in a mill fer the last five years, August is Month a' the Chicken. I started this cracked idea of having a month peppered with all things chicken five years ago. This year will be our sixth. Even in our first year...
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General Discussion

Would you care to share some hospitality with the new folks?

One of the notions I got for a Welcome event for the incoming folks was offering a bit of Hobbit Hospitality. The idea is that once or twice a week for a half hour to an hour, some hobbits hang out with Andy outside the Homestead Gate, and have s...
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General Discussion

Sandsons (out of game voice group)

I've been meaning to do this FOREVER. I set up a group on Raid Call ( called Sandsons , the ID is 11615758 . It's a free service, and supposedly can host 300 folks at one time, so we shouldn't ever have issues a...
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General Discussion

Models needed! Not hobbits, though, just women and men

Molly needs some models to pose for pictures, here's the notice:Hello, Banders--I think some of you know the Nimrodelian Talespinner and his Cottage of Pen and Play. He's asked me for some tales, so I'd like to give him the one I wrote about Bronw...
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General Discussion

Group Play! Post your run requests here.

This is the new thread where we'll be gathering our Run Requests to gather kinmates for doing group content!Please post specific Run Requests here. Then I or another officer will create an EVENT where anyone who wants to help/participate can sign ...
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General Discussion

Possible event! Fall theatre festival

Hello, hobbits!Miss Rozalinde's friend Ronwenna seems to have caught the acting bug. She performed in "The Green Ladies" and in "The Tribe of Hildorien"... who knows what will be next?But anyways, Miss Roz was thinking that a fall theatre festival...
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General Discussion

Miss Telle and the Lonely Mountain Free Press

As many a' ya alreadies know, Mister Aldekim runs the Lonely Mountain Free Press each week and posts up the news on the Landy LOTRO forums. I happen t' have an in with one of his columnists, Miss Telle, who writes a...a...well, it's sort'a a gossi...
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General Discussion

Miss Rozalinde received the very first Chicken Tender button.

For folks who don't know, the Bounders of the Shire have a longstanding tradition of giving away buttons and one type of clasp in recognition of various efforts and achievements. The most basic of them is the Brown Bounder Button. Those buttons ...
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General Discussion

Seeking actors for a play: The Tribe Of Hildórien

Performing in Molly's play The Green Ladies got me interested in the idea of theater, so I've written a little play of my own. Much smaller and simpler than Molly's, just to get my feet wet, as they say in the Marish.I have it almost all worked ou...
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General Discussion

Who <3s Osgiliath?

Who loves the crazy fun that's to be had in Osgiliath????My big "sister" Bredhe, who Gammerplum adopted after the Sack of Archet, included this coloured illustration from East Gondor in her latest missive.I think I recognize a couple of faces in t...
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