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A forum to share the rules and procedures for our Party Games! Also a place to share ideas for new party games.
Read guides and walkthroughs prepared for you by your kinmates!
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General Discussion

Eagle and Child

In a night of riddles I noticed in the conversation between Jack Lewisdown, Carlo Williams, Owen Farfield it appears a certain Ronald can't attend. This is a riddle. At the door stands a rabbit. You have to look for it but he's there. I have no id...
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General Discussion

Great Idea!

Parade of Homes! What a great idea!
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Figgie Puddin2480Small Rozalinde Fairholm 4y
General Discussion

Crosser of Roads Chicken Run--Take II!

It's time to plan our next Crosser of Roads Chicken Run!For those of you who were not in attendance last time, you can read about our previous attempt here.If you are unfamiliar with Chicken Play, you can learn more about it here. Note that the C...
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General Discussion

April Fool's Parade with Sons of Numenor -- chickens wanted!

Benjimir is putting together something for the evening of April 1st -- it will be around 9:30 pm and will involve him in a giant chicken suit being followed around by chicken session players. If anyone wants to be a chicken please send a /tell to ...
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General Discussion

St. Patty's Day Blowout with Flock of Smeagols

Hello all of you concerned Hobbits!! It's Mirinaeth from Flock of Smeagols. Myself and my other Flockers would like to know if you guys would be interested in co-hosting a MASSIVELY AWESOME St. Patty's Day party of EPIC PROPORTIONS!! I figured ...
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Pollyana377154Small Rozalinde Fairholm 5y
General Discussion

Goblins: obviously warm-blooded

Trungo, Burnet, and I have been talking, and have decided the following:1) WHEREAS goblins are found in really cold places, and2) WHEREAS goblins are a breed of orc, and3) WHEREAS orcs are corrupted elves, and4) WHEREAS elves are warm-blooded ...
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General Discussion

Old BG!

Hello there im looking for the full lvl 50 Angmar gear and class items we have done CD and URU so i have only 2 outfit items left which is in BG! is there anyone els that needs to do this deeds, quests, same thing as me? iv set the time for 8 CET ...
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General Discussion

Introduction to Lyndall Lightfoot

Salutations, everyone! I’ve been meaning to do this introduction since first joining Concerning Hobbits a couple weeks ago, but it’s only now that I’ve finally (as Lyndall might say) got round to it.Anyway, I’m pleased as Punch to be a part of th...
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General Discussion

Cartographile Deeds

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Nettlebow4633Small Rozalinde Fairholm 5y
General Discussion

Concerning Hobbits, Crossers of Roads (Saturday Raid Night event!)

I have a confession to make. I've played this game since almost the beginning, and there's one title I've always wanted to get more than anything, but haven't been able to because it's stupidly, incredibly difficult to get solo.That title? "Cros...
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General Discussion

Offical New Member of Rasdro Thread :)

Greetings, you all know me as Rasdro the little rascally little hobbit. This weekend I'll be in the world of ESO (elder scrolls online) I had to delete my lotro files to make room on hard drive :( so I wont be on till after the weekend. Little abo...
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General Discussion

Rise of the Fellowship

Not a real good movie but.... it does involve LOTRO! available on Netflix :)
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General Discussion

New to CH

Hello there i thought that i would introduce myself proply here it goes :DToon name: Doberpro, (means good profesional in slovene)Toon class: GuardianMy alts: 9 on (Evernight) 9 on (Laurelin) 7 here on (landroval) Arestos (cpt) Loreboern (LM) the...
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General Discussion

Hobbit Culture Online

I happen upon this as I mistyped the url for our own Concerning Hobbits. It has few nice pictures of interests to anyone that's Hobbit minded.
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General Discussion

Lord of the Rings (Personality types) What is yours? sure how to put a link on here. But copy/paste the above.I am an INTJ personality type which links to Elrond in this personality test.
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General Discussion

The New Shiny Sign-up for Raiding!

It's a Hobbit Raiding Party! :DWe're starting a new raiding team! It's time for us hobbits to get down to business saving Middle-Earth and all that. If you are interested in joining, please sign-up here. Please note that your non-hobbit alts AR...
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General Discussion

Hello !

Hi all,Just thought I would introduce myself and say hello. I'mPandoren, and I come to you from a Galaxy far far away. I've known Rozalinde (under a different name!) for many years stretching back into Star Wars Galaxies, and I'm currently a Guild...
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General Discussion

Ok this is what I do when I cant play LOTRO can now visit Middle Earth with Google maps. :)
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Jellianne Jambs4794Small Rozalinde Fairholm 5y
General Discussion

Alternate Characters (post Name,Race,Class,&lvl)

Laergon-Leader/Founder, RK, Elf,60Gorban-Officer,Guardian, Dwarf,26Thoronric-Officer,Warden, Man,30Bromwulf-Officer,Champion,Man,33Galenlas-Officer,Hunter,Elf,67Ithilende-Officer,Minstrel,Elf,22Beornhir-Officer,Captain,Man,18Bircholm-Officer, LM, ...
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General Discussion

where do I go to learn about the new talent tree setup?

also since I havent been able to login and play I havent seen whether I have to re do my class virtues to the new talent trees?
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