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A forum to share the rules and procedures for our Party Games! Also a place to share ideas for new party games.
Read guides and walkthroughs prepared for you by your kinmates!
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General Discussion

Alternate Characters (post Name,Race,Class,&lvl)

Laergon-Leader/Founder, RK, Elf,60Gorban-Officer,Guardian, Dwarf,26Thoronric-Officer,Warden, Man,30Bromwulf-Officer,Champion,Man,33Galenlas-Officer,Hunter,Elf,67Ithilende-Officer,Minstrel,Elf,22Beornhir-Officer,Captain,Man,18Bircholm-Officer, LM, ...
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Odobocar Lowbanks101943Small Anselerda Braveheart 5y
General Discussion

where do I go to learn about the new talent tree setup?

also since I havent been able to login and play I havent seen whether I have to re do my class virtues to the new talent trees?
Small Jellianne Jambs 5y
Jellianne Jambs4653Small Noctavia 5y
General Discussion

Helm's Deep Beta - NDA lifted

Since we can now talk a little bit about what's in beta (within limits):Gytha / Woman / CaptainBalsam / Hobbit / GuardianCaelavorn / Elf / HunterSee you there, if you're there. I know at least some of you are.
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Burnet71178Small Noctavia 5y
General Discussion

Harvestmath tips

Here's how to find the people to trick in Troves & Trickery. Highlight the paragraph to read the emotes needed.The ShireFence E of Bag End: /pickFarmer N of Sandyman's: /shiverGazebo W of Hobbiton stablemaster: /burpFishing docks E of Bywater ...
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Burnet4779Small Rozalinde Fairholm 5y
General Discussion

Happy October, guys

So I get this message from Ari with only this video attached... October.
Small Tourmalien Bracegirdle 6y
Tourmalien Bracegirdle3891Small Nettlebow 6y
General Discussion

A silly question ...

Hey folks,I see people uploading screenshots here to the forums, but I have no idea how to do it! I have a lovely shot of Roz and Odo taking Pandoren out of the Shire for the first time I wanted to share but I can't figure it out ... any pointers?...
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Pandoren81490Small Noctavia 6y
General Discussion

Deeding on other servers

Those of us who have limited character slots pretty much have to go to other servers to try out new characters. I'm also noticing it's a nice way to build up TP, because deeding is just so damn fast at low levels. If anyone wants company on other ...
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Burnet41600Small Tourmalien Bracegirdle 6y
General Discussion

Summer Festival tips

This is for the tricky stuff that you run around trying to figure out forever. If you'd rather figure it out for yourself, stop reading now. ;) Also if you have figured out any tricky stuff yourself, please post it!Forgotten ErrandsThis is the Tho...
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Burnet31063Small Rozalinde Fairholm 6y
General Discussion

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Brint41266Small Aridoc 6y
General Discussion

A name for a Pony

A prize to anyone who can think of a proper name for my Simbelmyne pony! I name all of my ponies after foods/consumables. So far, I have Sweetleaf, Pumpkin, Pepperjack, Honeydew, and Portobello. But a proper name for my Simbelmyne beauty is esc...
Small Rozalinde Fairholm 6y
Rozalinde Fairholm61179Small Brint 6y