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Crafting and Trading

[Pinned] Equipment gallery

Post your pics of awesome-looking gear here. For showing off reference. Roz, can we make this thread sticky?
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Burnet143170Small Rozalinde Fairholm 3y
Crafting and Trading

The Crafting Storage Alliance

Seeing your thread about gathering mats made me realize I don't think I've ever approached CH about joining the Crafting Storage Alliance. I don't know if you've discussed or have a shared storage neighborhood like some kins do. If so, this migh...
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Daffodilia4974Small Daffodilia 2y
Crafting and Trading

Riddermark/Eorlingas Hides

Hullo Adventures and Crafters, looking for these two hides in the subject line. If you got some lets strike a deal or barter. Rasdro is very close to finishing up tailor guild!
Small Rasdro 3y
Rasdro4740Small Galiodoc Dwimmerburrow 3y
Crafting and Trading

Looking for Ingots

Hello,I'm looking for tier 2-6 ingots to process my weaponsmith craft on Girdalc. Any help would be appreciated. My main craft is scholar I can trade some for scrolls up to lvl 40s.
Small Rasdro 3y
Rasdro2473Small Rozalinde Fairholm 3y
Crafting and Trading

New Event! Crafting Gather-a-ganza! July 22, 2014

Friends,I'm happy to announce a brand new Concerning Hobbits event designed specifically for our crafters. We have a ton of crafters in our kin who are so generous crafting gear, food, and supplies for each other. I can't tell you how proud I am...
Small Rozalinde Fairholm 3y
Rozalinde Fairholm1295Small Rozalinde Fairholm 3y
Crafting and Trading

Just and FYI on sorting vendor items

After opening the vendor use alt F and it will bring up a search bar. Type in the item you are looking for and voila it pulls up that item
Small Jellianne Jambs 3y
Jellianne Jambs2442Small Burnet 3y
Crafting and Trading

Wanted: Pretty Cosmetics

Use this thread to post links to specific cosmetic items you want others to keep their eyes out for. You never know... someone may have an extra copy of a piece that you are coveting! Specify whether you want the item in hard copy, or whether yo...
Small Rozalinde Fairholm 4y
Rozalinde Fairholm6948Small Lyndall Lightfoot 3y
Crafting and Trading

Crafting tools

To all of our new hobbity members and their alts.... If you do not have access to the store bought (or dropped by hobbit present/lootbox) crafting tools please let me know... I can make tools for whomever may need... Also... feel free to ask if yo...
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Chafo2311Small Rozalinde Fairholm 3y
Crafting and Trading

For the Cooks in the guild

here is a web page with all the ingredients listed for Cooking Guild recipes. If you go by the list you will make one of every Guild Cook Recipe Repasts (all the way to Westfold). you will need at least 45 empty slots in you packs to do this. U...
Small Jellianne Jambs 5y
Jellianne Jambs82530Small Jellianne Jambs 4y
Crafting and Trading


Odo is now able to make amazing guild weapons for anyone lvl 30-65 Mirrored Gondorian Dagger of CombatThe dagger is the lvl 30 example, but there are lvl 40, and 50 tiers available as well.At lvl 65, I can craft amazing LIs for anyone needing them...
Small Odobocar Lowbanks 4y
Odobocar Lowbanks1332Small Odobocar Lowbanks 4y
Crafting and Trading

Virtual swap-meet thread

This is for those game items that aren't bound and that you want to get rid of but can't be bothered to use an auction slot for, but might be worth enough to someone else that you'd like to check before vendoring. The rules: List anything you want...
Small Burnet 4y
Burnet71534Member avatar small Brulac Silverstring 4y
Crafting and Trading

My Super Cool AH Spreadsheet

Hullo everyone. When I started playing with the auction house I did a terrible job of pricing and posting stuff. At the time I was manually figuring out prices and the like. This took a lot of time and if something was not currently listed I did n...
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