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Post your character's history/bio here!
Have any short-stories or bits of work you'd like to share? Feel free to post them here at your leisure, for everyone to enjoy.
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Roleplay (RP)

Fun With Elvish!

I've always had fun coming up with names for fantasy characters (being an old DnD-head from way back). I started playing LOTRO and was happy to see that I could name my legendary items. So I remembered a cool elvish glossary that was included in...
Small Tawes 2y
Tawes2629Small Sageflower 2y
Roleplay (RP)

Bingo Boffin's friends

So now there's a new fellow who's caught the adventuring bug, young Bingo Boffin from Michel Delving. I was wondering if anyone would like to accompany him on his travels, to keep an eye on him, you know. I have a young cousin, he's just a tween, ...
Small Tayberrie 2y
Tayberrie9965Small Grear 2y
Roleplay (RP)

Seeking a player for a long-term RP role

Mirkir and his betrothed Elsalyn have an ongoing, long-term storyline going on that involves searching for some legendary, but lost, items from the Second Age, as well as eventual revelations about Elsalyn's mysterious origins. At the moment, they...
Small Sageflower 3y
Sageflower4557Small Rozalinde Fairholm 3y
Roleplay (RP)

Finding our neighbors and relatives

Back on Arkenstone, Sageflower (then Sageblossom) had two sisters, but when they went dormant and I eventually moved to Landroval I decided to "start over" on that, in case I might find someone to be related to here. To that end, I decided to be c...
Small Sageflower 3y
Sageflower5995Small Grear 3y
Roleplay (RP)

((RP Tuesday event!)) Escort requested!

Posted on the kin-house bulletin board:To my fellow members of Concerning Hobbits,My teacher, Miss Lilabet Roper, thinks I'm doing very well now with my sneaking and surprising skills. I've practiced on slugs and spiders and wolves all around the ...
Small Tayberrie 3y
Tayberrie71146Small Ullielle 3y
Roleplay (RP)

Spring Racing Carnival

While at Bird and Baby getting some drinks listening to music this came across in regional chat when I popped my head out for a smoke in Michel Delving:Please join us for the Spring Racing Carnival, an equestrian extravaganza, today from 10am to 1...
Small Rasdro 4y
Rasdro1310Small Rasdro 4y
Roleplay (RP)

RP Tuesdays have returned! March 18th. A Mission for the Bounders

A Nosey Hobbit has intercepted this letter from the Quick Post. The letter is addressed to Bounder Primstone at the Brockenborings Watch Office, Greenfields.Dear Bounder Primstone, I implore you to help me reign in my wayward daughter, Rozalinde....
Small Rozalinde Fairholm 4y
Rozalinde Fairholm121457Small Rozalinde Fairholm 4y
Roleplay (RP)

LOTR LORE Collection
Small Koodo 4y
Koodo1316Small Koodo 4y
Roleplay (RP)

Racing and Fashion at WinterStock

Winterstock brought us some fantasic RP fun with music, games and events. It was brilliantly orchestrated and the write-up reviews and follow-ups are out... almost as brilliant as the fest itself! :D enjoy!Racing and Fashion at Winterstock articl...
Small Skoch Ondarox 4y
Skoch Ondarox5739Small Rozalinde Fairholm 4y
Roleplay (RP)

Our second RP event

Our first event was a HUGE success, so this is going to be a SHORT discussion about our second RP event. Yes, we are going to do another one. :DBasically, I am opening the floor for someone else to take on the responsibility/fun of GM. This is a f...
Small Odobocar Lowbanks 4y
Odobocar Lowbanks3533Small Anselerda Braveheart 4y
Roleplay (RP)

RP scavenger hunt Dec 3

A brief explanation of this event is a must, hopefully it won't ruin too much of the fun!This event is a Shire-wide scavenger hunt using screenshots.Each item on the list will be assigned points, for example, a simple shot of Lobelia will be worth...
Small Odobocar Lowbanks 4y
Odobocar Lowbanks2561Small Odobocar Lowbanks 4y
Roleplay (RP)

Saving Odo: Our first rp event in five chapters

At the request of many participants and folk that were unable to make the event, I (Odo) am going to attempt to create a coherent story from the events that took place on 10/29/2013Please keep in mind that these events are told from my point of vi...
Small Odobocar Lowbanks 4y
Odobocar Lowbanks101378Small Anselerda Braveheart 4y
Roleplay (RP)

Inaugural RP event

Our first RP event is taking place at Odo's House at 8pm on Tuesday the 29th.Guidelines:First and foremost, show up in character. We will be using /say rather than kinchat for the entire event to help everyone stay in character.Read this link for ...
Small Odobocar Lowbanks 4y
Odobocar Lowbanks5699Small Tourmalien Bracegirdle 4y
Roleplay (RP)

It's time for Roleplay!

We're ready to Roleplay!There's been a lot of interest expressed recently, on the forums and in kinchat, in starting some roleplay stories hosted by Concerning Hobbits. So we're going to go for it!We're going to start with some simple, one-shot s...
Small Rozalinde Fairholm 4y
Rozalinde Fairholm81438Member avatar small Falbrand 4y
Roleplay (RP)

An interesting fellowship idea

I just read an interesting thread on lotro boards. It was concerning a special type of fellowship. Players would create characters at 1st level to experience Middle Earth together. The original poster was on Laurelin and his fellowship is full....
Small Jellianne Jambs 4y
Jellianne Jambs101420Small Rozalinde Fairholm 4y
Roleplay (RP)

The Trapdoor Tavern: A New Fancy Rp tavern!

So Flock of Smeagols/Don't Tempt Me Frodo decided to start an rp tavern at our kinhouse! It's called the Trapdoor Tavern, and we're opening it TONIGHT! You can find us at the Thorin's Hall homesteads in Vetbrak, at 2 Highspires. Tonight, we're run...
Small Chastidy 4y
Chastidy101648Small Chastidy 4y
Roleplay (RP)

11 ways to be a better roleplayer

An excellent link shared by our own Burnet. 11 Ways to be a Better Roleplayer. The article is based on tabletop roleplaying, but many elements are also applicable in LOTRO. Small warning: some of the language is NSFW. Thanks for sharing, Burnet!
Small Rozalinde Fairholm 4y
Rozalinde Fairholm1444Small Rozalinde Fairholm 4y
Roleplay (RP)

OUTDATED--Roleplay Events

Roleplay is one of my favorite things ingame. Currently, the only RP event(s) we have are the bi-weekly Bird and Baby Kinparties. I would love to see more kin related and run RP events ingame, and am volunteering my services to help out with any e...
Small Odobocar Lowbanks 5y
Odobocar Lowbanks375951Small Rozalinde Fairholm 5y
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