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Character Biographies/Profiles

Biography hobbit Mayrok.

Sorry, I do not know English. My story will be translated Google translator. But I did leave a story, and in Russian. Maybe somebody you translate better.Here's how to begin a story? I do not know. Start with your name, perhaps. My name Mayrok Gri...
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Mayrok0478Small Mayrok 3y
Character Biographies/Profiles

Vowtho's Bio

My father was a minstrel, his father before him was a minstrel, his father was a minstrel and both his father AND mother were minstrels...BUT their Fathers were tooth decay and oral cleaning practitioners with NO RHYTHM!Ello! my name is Vowtho!My ...
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Vowtho2662Small Rozalinde Fairholm 3y
Character Biographies/Profiles

Lyndall's Story

I’ve just started to work on Lyndall’s formal bio (finally) and will post the whole thing (in installments?) eventually, but here’s a quick ‘n’ dirty synopsis in the meantime:1. ) Childhood and adolescence in Budgeford, where she's known as someth...
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Lyndall Lightfoot3523Small Lyndall Lightfoot 4y
Character Biographies/Profiles

Biography: Ronwenna

((The character biography for my Human Captain alt, Ronwenna.))This is the story of my life. It is a story I will never tell a soul.My family is an old family. Once powerful, now waning. My father had much influence with the leaders of Rohan, but ...
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Rozalinde Fairholm2557Small Burnet 4y
Character Biographies/Profiles

Biography: Berrotina (Ansel's alt)

Berrotina's story: As a young hobbit, Berrotina, was very shy and not very adventurous. She was a normal hobbit-girl, with a normal hobbit life. She had a very boring life. She would go through the same routine everyday. Until Bilbo Baggins return...
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Anselerda Braveheart 1480Small Anselerda Braveheart 4y
Character Biographies/Profiles

Biography: Anselerda Braveheart

Anselerda Braveheart's story: It is unknown where this little lass has come from, for she barely knows herself. From what she gathers, she was born in an uncharted elven village somewhere near Rivendell. Her mum, Esmerelda Wellington died when An...
Small Anselerda Braveheart 4y
Anselerda Braveheart 71149Small Anselerda Braveheart 4y
Character Biographies/Profiles

Tourmalien Bracegirdle

((This probably shan't be too long, but I'm working on it! ))Tourmalien Bracegirdle, a young hobbit-lass who probably hasn't seen over 39 (around 24) Winters.She seems quiet, and perhaps even unfriendly at times, though when you befriend her, she...
Small Tourmalien Bracegirdle 5y
Tourmalien Bracegirdle1488Small Tourmalien Bracegirdle 5y
Character Biographies/Profiles

Nettlebow Biddlesby

He is the older brother of Fenndel, and the son of Fernella and Cleavis Biddlesby, originally of the Fallohides. His father was a woodworker known for crafting fine musical instruments, and he spent most of his youth traveling in the family wagon ...
Small Nettlebow 5y
Nettlebow3726Small Nettlebow 5y
Character Biographies/Profiles

Odo Lowbanks

From the Westfarthing of the Shire, born in Little Delving, but related to the Lowbanks of Bree, Odobocar, "Odo to my friends", Lowbanks is a happy, kind natured hobbit. He is more used to travel than most of his race, and has made the trip back a...
Small Odobocar Lowbanks 5y
Odobocar Lowbanks1471Small Odobocar Lowbanks 5y
Character Biographies/Profiles

Character bio: Rozalinde Fairholm

((Still under construction, as I discover more and more about my hobbit lass as she lives and grows. Comments welcome!))The Fairholms are an established and fairly well-respected Northfarthing family, settled around the small community of Hardbot...
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Rozalinde Fairholm1802Small Rozalinde Fairholm 5y
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