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Short-Stories Section!

Ioreld's Tale: Into the Northerlands

I knelt, my armor creaking, to hold Darrien’s hand, and for a few moments I could only think of what an agonizing death comes of a wound like his. In the Halls of the Gentle Hand I had seen my mother treating soldiers with an arrow lodged in the g...
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Short-Stories Section!

Six Spears of the Haehînbór

Here's my next writing project set in Middle-earth. Unlike Ioreld's Tale: Into the Northerlands, this one has nothing to do with my, or anyone else's, LOTRO characters. In fact, there's almost no LOTRO influences; it's simply an original story set...
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Short-Stories Section!

Lil and Millie -- A Child's Story-Book

Mirkir Quaywright is in training to be a scribe and artist, and with Elsalyn, is taking care of a four-year-old girl named Maggie. As a Yule gift, to help her learn how to read, Mirkir made her a story-book telling the story of a young girl and he...
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Short-Stories Section!

Songs of Staddle

*clears throat*Hullo, my dear gentlehobbits and hobbit-lasses! Very few, it seems, of us hobbits have lived for any period of time in Staddle, or much less can claim any roots therefrom. I, of course, due to the long history of Dwimmerburrows of S...
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Short-Stories Section!

Letters to Deephallow

To Mayberrie BracegirdleDeephallowDear May,I'm sorry I haven't written this week, but I've been so busy! There's so much to see and do here in Michel Delving. I've got a room at the Bird and Baby inn for now, Carlo Blagrove has been very kind. And...
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Short-Stories Section!

A Night at the Pony

((So, here's the deal. Cooperative storytelling, each entry building on the last, in an overblown RP style. Try to make your entries as full of self-indulgent, Mary-Sue-ish wish-fulfillment as you can. It'll be fun, you guys!))Suddenly, the doo...
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Short-Stories Section!

The Long Journey

I decided to start a story that others would hopefully contribute to. Lets see where the journey takes us... :BThey were in good spirits when they had started their journey, laughing and joking, excited about the adventure ahead. Now all were grow...
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Short-Stories Section!

The Journal of A.B.

Since I have a big back-story for Aridoc, I figured I'd write a story based off the one adventure he's always talking about: the journey to get his harp back. I'll update this story regularly (at least I hope to) as a reply to this thread.
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Short-Stories Section!

Gammy's Tale

This is a tale that was told to me by my old Gamma Biddlesby when I was a youngster. Let it serve as a warning to all.....not that I believe in such things.Gamma told me of strange creatures that roam Breeland at night. She said they were spawned ...
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