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Maidens of Vanimor

I have alts in the band The Maidens of Vanimor. We are having some difficulty becoming established, mostly due to lack of good open time to play. Anyway, currently playing fortnightly on Wednesdays at 8 PM Bywater time in Celondim, at the lovely...
Small Piperia "Pipi" Piperhill 3y
Piperia "Pipi" Piperhill3865Small Piperia "Pipi" Piperhill 3y

Rusto's Songs

Rusto often composes his own lyrical tunes; these are no fancy Hobbity songs, mind you; just tunes oft sung between puffs on the pipe, or with a good ale in your hand.It is also the reason why Rusto (and thus myself) will always vote for the Golde...
Small Rusto Banks 3y
Rusto Banks2498Small Galiodoc Dwimmerburrow 3y

Roz's musical experiments

As per discussions with Skoch, Odo, and Tromblon tonight... here are some samples of some music I've been putting together. This is a personal challenge I made for myself... trying my hardest to get classical orchestral music to work as ABCs! Mo...
Small Rozalinde Fairholm 4y
Rozalinde Fairholm1436Small Rozalinde Fairholm 4y

Concerning Hobbits band!

I've decided to make an official CH band where any member is free to join! We'll accept a total of 10 members for various roles.As we don't currently have a band name I am open to any and all suggestions given for a name.Instruments are subject to...
Member avatar small Wilzo Banks 4y
Wilzo Banks71332Small Skoch Ondarox 4y

Song for the kin!

Hello all! Berigrand here, took me 5 hours to make, but I was bored this morning, and decided to make a song for the kin.The song goes into Concerning Hobbits, but then Gollum intervenes....Smeagol tries to fight back for the love of hobbits...but...
Member avatar small Berigrand 4y
Berigrand3623Small Rozalinde Fairholm 4y
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