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Off-Topic and RL

Next step for joining the Kinship?

Hello everyone :-)This is Arebelia, and I am a new applicant to the kinship.Ive just received acceptance into this forum (thank you).For next step, can you please advice with whom I can contact in game to request Kinship invitation?Many thanks, an...
Member avatar small Arebelia 2y
Arebelia2807Small Galiodoc Dwimmerburrow 2y
Off-Topic and RL

Get Ready here comes the next generation of gaming!

Now don't just sit and play LOTRO: Run! Walk! Live the Game!!! now with delivery expected in June 2015also watch this:
Member avatar small Adladine 3y
Adladine0397Member avatar small Adladine 3y
Off-Topic and RL

For the star wars fans: Star Wars Holiday Special
Small Rasdro 3y
Rasdro6842Small Ilonko "Winter" 3y
Off-Topic and RL

Name That Reference

Tell Linus I found it.
Small Tiflo Willohill 3y
Tiflo Willohill5736Small Esmerelta 3y
Off-Topic and RL

For the Cat lovers Different cat/song with each refresh of the website.
Small Rasdro 3y
Rasdro0224Small Rasdro 3y
Off-Topic and RL

Da Bugans tribute band

Here's a picture I took on the way to work-- the band called "Amon Amarth" (Mount Doom!) reminded me of you Bugans, hahaha!
Small Tayberrie 3y
Tayberrie2453Small Rozalinde Fairholm 3y
Off-Topic and RL

Poetry Thread!

Well, I was reading some comments and noticed that someone wanted some poetry. So here you can post your poems, if you'd like! I, myself love poetry so thought this was a good idea, might not be though. I have a few poems up my sleeve, and I would...
Small Anselerda Braveheart 4y
Anselerda Braveheart 61451Small Nettlebow 3y
Off-Topic and RL

Library humor

In honor of Roz's new job!
Small Tayberrie 3y
Tayberrie2326Small Rozalinde Fairholm 3y
Off-Topic and RL


So, I kind of need a certificate of honorary membership in Concerning Hobbits to present on Saturday, but I don't just wanna do something on my own, cuz, like, we're a kin and stuff!I found this: I don'...
Small Ullielle 3y
Ullielle204434Small Tayberrie 3y
Off-Topic and RL

Off Topic: Rescuing a Butterfly Chrysalis

I'm attempting to rescue a butterfly chrysalis!The past several weeks, I have been watching a butterfly chrysalis on a historic Dutchman's Pipe planting near where I work. I recall seeing the (large, distinctive) caterpillar around the area as we...
Small Rozalinde Fairholm 3y
Rozalinde Fairholm162645Small Brint 3y
Off-Topic and RL

The Ice Bucket Challenge was made for this moment. this is Benedict Cumberbatch, taking the ice bucket challenge to raise money for ALS research. (Five times, because he was challenged by a bunch of people and took longer than 24 hours to reply.)In the...
Small Burnet 3y
Burnet0265Small Burnet 3y
Sageflower5653Small Zhynnia 3y
Off-Topic and RL

Dwarf gender theory

Book canon:1. Iluvatar created Elves in male/female pairs. Every Elf who awoke at Cuivienen had a partner of the opposite sex.2. Orcs also reproduce sexually and this is said to be proof that they are descendants of Elves corrupted by Melkor, beca...
Small Burnet 3y
Burnet101737Small Ullielle 3y
Off-Topic and RL


For you sci-fi fans in the kin I recommend picking up starbound. Its is possibly the best "open world" game you will see on the market right now. But the only down size its not like a super 3-D atmospheric type game, 2-D side-scroller. Thing about...
Small Rasdro 3y
Rasdro0277Small Rasdro 3y
Off-Topic and RL

LOTRO Computer Woes

My primary LOTRO computer is out of order so I dusted off an older pc and it will not play the game. It meets and exceeds the recommend requirements but still no go. Anyone know if these recommended req's are out of date?Recommended System Requi...
Small Koodo 3y
Koodo8885Small Jellianne Jambs 3y
Off-Topic and RL

Some random 'chilling on LotRO when (almost) everyone in your part of the world is asleep' music...

...(though I'll probably be taking a break from that particular vice for awhile): I'll play this one on my lute at this week's CH party. :D
Small Lyndall Lightfoot 3y
Lyndall Lightfoot2530Small Lyndall Lightfoot 3y
Off-Topic and RL

Goats save the day!

This elite team of goats destroys dry shrubbery that contributes to the spread of California wildfires.
Small Burnet 3y
Burnet1269Small Burnet 3y
Off-Topic and RL

They found a tape of the Professor at a hobbit party!!

And he gave a speech and everything! You can't listen to it yourself (yet!!!!), but you can read about it and see a nifty photo of the Prof here:!-mamaUllz
Small Ullielle 3y
Ullielle4787Small Rozalinde Fairholm 3y
Off-Topic and RL

Gone Walkabout

I'm going on a bit of hiatus from LoTRO, and can be found wandering lost around The Elder Scrolls Online. I'm already in the early access period (launch is actually on 4/4), and am loving it so far. I'm paid up on house maintenance until september...
Small Suncho 4y
Suncho 3410Small Rozalinde Fairholm 4y
Off-Topic and RL

The obligatory food thread

'Cos I like to cook and so does Burnet. Post your favourite recipes here. (Professional foodies, we understand if you can't share secrets!)Zucchini Apocalypse BrowniesThis is a rich sexy brownie recipe with minimal cleanup and will help you save t...
Small Burnet 4y
Burnet162579Small Rozalinde Fairholm 4y