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Mugwumper / Sep 05, 2018
What follows is the background information for our next party. Read it carefully and bring an alt that is level 40 or above if possible.

Honeydove has been kidnapped! We need to rescue her! She received a letter from a long lost Stoor relative, Avan Tuckbull, in Enedwaith inviting her to a family reunion. What she didn’t know, and I found out through one of my Man spies, is that Avan, posing as a stablemaster, was the mastermind of a dastardly plot. Over the centuries, the Stoors fell victim to their less than friendly neighbors, the Bugans. Instead of exterminating the Stoors, the Bugans forced some Stoors into slavery and the rest were required to pay an annual tribute. The Stoors now are starving and broke. Remembering his gammer’s tales of rich relatives, the Brandybucks, in the North, Avan thought that if he kidnapped Honeydove (a Brandybuck), then her rich friends would come to her rescue and bring a huge ransom.

When Honeydove arrived in Maur Tulhau, the Stoor villagers were nowhere to be seen. Instead, the Stoors, not wanting to get their hands dirty, had promised the mercenary Bugan Hunters, great riches if they helped in the plot. So when Dove arrived, she quickly was surrounded by nasty Bugans. They trapped her somewhere in Maur Tulhau. They will not give her to you until three things are done:
  • Provide a blood sacrifice to the Shrine of the Uch
  • Bring ilex branches to the Stoors for their fishing pole making business
  • Bring the Bugans magnificent hides
  • Bring foodstuffs
Here are our plans –
  • Despite what the Bugans say, kill all Bugans you see before they give away our plans.
  • Seek out the men’s campsite and see if they will help you rescue Dove
  • Bring as many dawn-roses as you can. The Bugans covet these gems and they may be able to be used for bribes
  • Find and save Honeydove
  • Try to convince the Stoors to emigrate to the Shire, saving them from their servitude under the Bugans, who are beholden to the Dunlendings

How to Play
  • We'll meet at the South Stable in Bree at the usual time 8:30 EDT (GMT-4:00)
  • To be mustered to the destination - there is a mustering horn - but you have to be at least 40
  • So we are going to get the lower levels to Ost Guruth hopefully via stable
  • Then higher level volunteers will act as hobbit tenders to Enedwaith
  • Higher levels who come directly can work on getting the items needed while waiting for the others

Mugwumper / Jun 08, 2018
"You have traversed the treacherous lengths of the Hollin Ridge and earned the title Ridge-racer in recognition of your agility."

If you don't know what this is learn more here

If you hate spoilers and want to just follow along with whatever it is we're doing and let the mystery and wonder fill you with excitement, that's fine we will get you there...

No need to fear any of the following:
  • Dustpaw
  • Feral Tusker
  • Glowing Fire-fly
  • Half-orc Thug
  • Hollin Lynx
  • Redhorn Goat
  • Scrub-stalker
  • White-hand Prowler
  • falling to your death
Mugwumper / Apr 10, 2018
Options for a Party
The following was taken from conversations had while myself and a few other kinnies where at a party (can you believe that?)

1. Turtle House in Bree
- need to complete a quest to gain access and this would be half the fun.
- Quest starts from posted bills outside theMandrake's Shop in Stone Quarter (Bree)
- We could RP somewhat and dress down to complete the quest then once inside dress up and I guess congratulate ourselves.

2. Put out word that we would like people to come with a tale or a song ready to share. A Storytelling night.
- use the Bird and Baby's 'book club' as staging for RP
- Set far in advance to invite from all other RP kins
- after festival settles down
- maybe inline with 11th anniversary?

By all means continue the conversation here, just because you were not in the original chat does not mean you shouldn't yap about what you think of this now.