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Our Next Party

Mugwumper / Feb 20, 2018
I just wanted to reset this to the top - our next party will be a biggie

The next few will be at the Bird and Baby but there's one coming up that will be special.

Courserrim Kin will be joining us for a combined party in Bree.

This event is part of a month long focus on the Guardian Class. To see all the events check here. We will be having costume and trivia contests along with the usual frolicking and silliness. If you have a guardian toon best bring him or her even if that critter is not a hobbit. Only Guardians will be allowed in the costume contest.

Also, we need judges. I can't judge as I'll be in the contest doing /flex emotes till I'm shown the door

Feb 22nd at 8:30 (the time of our usual Thursday party)
In the Mess Hall in Bree (near the Bore Fountain if you can't find it ask Second-watcher Heathstraw, then open the door behind him)

See you there,


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