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Party Ideas

Mugwumper / Apr 10, 2018
Options for a Party
The following was taken from conversations had while myself and a few other kinnies where at a party (can you believe that?)

1. Turtle House in Bree
- need to complete a quest to gain access and this would be half the fun.
- Quest starts from posted bills outside theMandrake's Shop in Stone Quarter (Bree)
- We could RP somewhat and dress down to complete the quest then once inside dress up and I guess congratulate ourselves.

2. Put out word that we would like people to come with a tale or a song ready to share. A Storytelling night.
- use the Bird and Baby's 'book club' as staging for RP
- Set far in advance to invite from all other RP kins
- after festival settles down
- maybe inline with 11th anniversary?

By all means continue the conversation here, just because you were not in the original chat does not mean you shouldn't yap about what you think of this now.

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Oh yes another conversation between myself and Morrdi talked of...

I have thought of a Social Rotary system for the six Inns in the Shire, - mistress Morrdi

Meaning we'd cycle through each of the Inns, Green Dragon on week, Floating Log the next...
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