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Ridge Racer title run next party! Thursday, 6/14

Mugwumper / Jun 08, 2018
"You have traversed the treacherous lengths of the Hollin Ridge and earned the title Ridge-racer in recognition of your agility."

If you don't know what this is learn more here

If you hate spoilers and want to just follow along with whatever it is we're doing and let the mystery and wonder fill you with excitement, that's fine we will get you there...

No need to fear any of the following:
  • Dustpaw
  • Feral Tusker
  • Glowing Fire-fly
  • Half-orc Thug
  • Hollin Lynx
  • Redhorn Goat
  • Scrub-stalker
  • White-hand Prowler
  • falling to your death


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