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Mugwumper / Jun 08, 2018
"You have traversed the treacherous lengths of the Hollin Ridge and earned the title Ridge-racer in recognition of your agility."

If you don't know what this is learn more here

If you hate spoilers and want to just follow along with whatever it is we're doing and let the mystery and wonder fill you with excitement, that's fine we will get you there...

No need to fear any of the following:
  • Dustpaw
  • Feral Tusker
  • Glowing Fire-fly
  • Half-orc Thug
  • Hollin Lynx
  • Redhorn Goat
  • Scrub-stalker
  • White-hand Prowler
  • falling to your death
Mugwumper / Apr 10, 2018
Options for a Party
The following was taken from conversations had while myself and a few other kinnies where at a party (can you believe that?)

1. Turtle House in Bree
- need to complete a quest to gain access and this would be half the fun.
- Quest starts from posted bills outside theMandrake's Shop in Stone Quarter (Bree)
- We could RP somewhat and dress down to complete the quest then once inside dress up and I guess congratulate ourselves.

2. Put out word that we would like people to come with a tale or a song ready to share. A Storytelling night.
- use the Bird and Baby's 'book club' as staging for RP
- Set far in advance to invite from all other RP kins
- after festival settles down
- maybe inline with 11th anniversary?

By all means continue the conversation here, just because you were not in the original chat does not mean you shouldn't yap about what you think of this now.
Mugwumper / Mar 27, 2018
Tom Bombadil's house in the old forest makes for a great party location. Tom himself make appearances and he's more than happy to see us all goofing off in his cozy living room.

Same time as always 8:30 EDT (Shire time)

I invite anyone to help come up with and light roll play (RP) reasoning for us to make this journey. Last time we started at the west gate of Bree. We'll probably do the same this time.

Hope to see you all there.
Mugwumper / Mar 12, 2018
It's been asked of us by more than just myself (and Honeydove). Our own kinnies have brought up the idea of doing stuff outside of the Thursday Pub Party in Michel Delving.

Here are a few ideas I overheard during the last party.
- Freeze Tag
- Relaxed Instances
- Join other kins in whatever event they have going

In any case I'd love to hear any thought you may have.

Mugwumper / Feb 22, 2018
Here follows is the invitation verbatim:

You have been cordially invited, to witness the IC handfasting of Celetathar and Ithlathir,
on March 10th 2018, at 6pm server.(EST) to be Held at the island of Tol Falthui, in the Arthellam neighborhood , within Belfalas Housing. On Landroval Server. (the time is early, to accomadate EU guests, and some bands who have prior engagements later in the evening.)

Mugwumper / Feb 20, 2018
I just wanted to reset this to the top - our next party will be a biggie

The next few will be at the Bird and Baby but there's one coming up that will be special.

Courserrim Kin will be joining us for a combined party in Bree.

This event is part of a month long focus on the Guardian Class. To see all the events check here. We will be having costume and trivia contests along with the usual frolicking and silliness. If you have a guardian toon best bring him or her even if that critter is not a hobbit. Only Guardians will be allowed in the costume contest.

Also, we need judges. I can't judge as I'll be in the contest doing /flex emotes till I'm shown the door

Feb 22nd at 8:30 (the time of our usual Thursday party)
In the Mess Hall in Bree (near the Bore Fountain if you can't find it ask Second-watcher Heathstraw, then open the door behind him)

See you there,