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(Jan 25, 2019)
Pics from yesterday's (1-24-19) CH party are up!
(Jan 20, 2019)
Just posted pics from last Thursday's kin party, so have a look!
(Jan 07, 2019)
Fixed the links to the Yule party pics!
(Dec 19, 2018)
The thumbnails link to thumbnails, though - fixing this later! :)
(Dec 19, 2018)
Hello, all! Uploaded some pics from last night's party :)
(Dec 04, 2018)
"Last Post" says "No posts yet," even though they're all still there. :|
(Dec 04, 2018)
Oops - deleted post from member forum and it confused the site...
(Oct 18, 2018)
Hello people online
(Sep 26, 2018)
Who called out a Halloween themed party? I know I mentioned it but now it's in MotD too, should we have it during the fest?
(Aug 16, 2018)
Good fun with the Picnic raid! Hope there will be raids at future festivals!
(Aug 04, 2018)
Had fun hunting snow rabbit.
(Jun 08, 2018)
Ridge Racer title run next party! Thursday, 6/14
(Jun 03, 2018)
(Apr 10, 2018)
Hunting yes but take it from my alt (some tall fella) they are not good eating
(Apr 01, 2018)
Good morning and happy (orc) hunting
(Feb 20, 2018)
People - shout about something!
(Mar 13, 2017)
That's the original tweet, but you can see, if you scroll down far enough, @LOTRO retweeted it at
(Mar 12, 2017)
Retweeted what? No I had no idea. Where do I find it?
(Mar 03, 2017)
Did you guys see that LOTRO retweeted a pic of the kinship at the pub party? You're all famous now!