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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Aug 13, 2015)
Swanna, there's an excellent post by Noctavia under Screenshots and Media that explains how to do it.
(Aug 12, 2015)
(Aug 12, 2015)
BRINT! *tackles*
(Aug 12, 2015)
Aww, I started on Vilya an' they're closing it. *sentamental tear*
(Aug 10, 2015)
I have buncha nice screenies about the daBugans but failed to mess up with codes in the forums so dunno how to post it.
(Aug 04, 2015)
Silverlode is on this list. Isnt that Skoch original server?
(Aug 03, 2015)
Thanks for the link, Gal!
(Jul 28, 2015)
Anyone else experiencing login issues?
(Jul 28, 2015)
A little bit more info on server transfers:
(Jul 27, 2015)
A developer diary about transfers has been posted:
(Jul 25, 2015)
Phew! I thought it was me for a second!
(Jul 24, 2015)
Umm, the "me" in the new poll is me.
(Jul 20, 2015)
Congrats to Da Bugans for making it to the Final List of Bands for Weatherstock 7!! Khinio!!
(Jul 17, 2015)
Next week's pub party is going to be extra-special! Be sure not to miss it, and wear something nice...
(Jul 16, 2015)
Ansel!!! You have been missed!
(Jul 15, 2015)
Just wanted to pop in and say hello since I haven't been online in a WHILE! So... Hello!
(Jul 15, 2015)
As I mowed the lawn I thought, perhaps I should frame that last comment: It's a quote from the beginning of Da Bugans concert! :P